The good folks over at Nationwide Network Cellular (Hong Kong) have a brand new metal backing that replaces the standard black glass that comes on iPhone 4. If you tired of having to slap a case on hiding your brand new iPhone 4, if you tired of having to be extra careful when you put your iPhone 4 down, then they might just have your cure for a mere $12.99.

This new cover has a black bevel around the edges with a nice metallic finish insert. The camera lens and the camera flash lens are included and are pre-installed to make installation easy. You will need to remove the 2 screw on the bottom of the iPhone using a Phillips #00 screwdriver. Next you just slide the back panel off by pressing up with your thumbs. Finally line up the metal panel, slide it down and replace the screws. It is that simple!

So if you want to stand out from the crowd or you are still bitter you had to buy a black iPhone 4 since the white ones are even rarer than unicorns, pick one of these up and show off your iPhone 4 to all your friends like you just got it all over again!

[iPhone 4 Metal Back via Unplggd]