Addo Slate Shield Case for iPad review

The Addo Slate Shield Case for iPad is a hard case with a couple of really convenient extras. First, it has a strap on the back that lets you easily carry your iPad around single-handed. Second, it has a kickstand that lets you just as easily prop your iPad up for work or entertainment.

The hand strap on the Addo Slate Shield Case for iPad is connected to a 360 degree swivel that allows full rotation from landscape to portrait. That means, whether you're walking around the job site filling out forms or lounging around home gaming, you can angle it just the way you like it for ideal viewing and tapping.

The kickstand on the Addo Slate Shield Case for iPad can likewise be rotated so you can set your iPad in either landscape or portrait mode for everything from work to play, FaceTime to productivity.

Alas, there's no handy stylus holder on the Addo Slate Shield Case for iPad the way there is on some other, similar cases.

Getting your iPad in and out of the Addo Slate Shield Case for iPad is simple enough. Just slide it in and seal the velcro. Getting it out is just as easy. All the ports and buttons that should be cut out are, and while you might have trouble with some of the chunkier power and media cables, any Apple-like dock cable will work fine.

The exterior of the Addo Slate Shield Case is reinforced ABS plastic to protect your iPad from bumps and gouges, and the interior is line with soft, plush material to keep it safe from scratches.

The good

  • Hand strap swivels to any angle
  • Kickstand works in both landscape and portrait
  • Easy to insert and remove iPad

The bad

  • Extra features means extra bulk compared to skin cases
  • No stylus holder

The bottom line

I really like the Addo Slate Shield Case for iPad. The swivel hand strap is a feature I really appreciate, as is the kickstand working in both landscape and portrait. The construction is solid and even though the Addo Slate Shield Case for iPad is bulkier than a straight up skin case without all the extra amenities, their usefulness far outweighs any extra bulk in this case.

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