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What you need to know

  • Adobe Fresco is a free drawing and painting app that works with Apple Pencil.
  • Adobe recently released an update for Adobe Fresco.
  • Some new features include Type tools, brush customization, and drawing aids.

As we said in our Adobe Fresco review, it's surprising that such a powerful drawing and painting tool is available for free. Users get access to live brushes, vector brushes, and pixel brushes all within the same software. You can even work in layers and adjust opacity. Not to mention, it works beautifully with both the 1st Gen and 2nd Gen Apple Pencil. This many impressive features isn't always common with the best drawing apps. Things just got even better with Adobe Fresco's version 2.5 update which brings even more features to the app.

Adobe Fresco Drawing AidsSource: Adobe Drawing Aid Tools. Art by Avalon Hu.

Here's everything brought with the May 2021 update:

  • Ability to add text to projects using the newly added Type tool. There are even a number of fonts at your disposal.
  • Users also get access to Kyle T. Webster's latest Spring 2021 brush pack.
  • Ability to manage and personalize Pixel brushes on iPad, Windows, and iPhone.
  • New drawing aids make it easier to add perfect shapes to your projects.
  • Vector brush strokes have fewer anchor points to simplify editing.

If you already own an iPhone or iPad you really ought to give Adobe Fresco a try. It's free after all, so there's nothing to lose. The pressure sensitivity responds incredibly well to strokes from the Apple Pencil and there are several brushes and layer types you can use. Not to mention it's way easier to learn than Photoshop. We'll even help you get started with our Adobe Fresco basic tool guide.

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