Advertising companies form alliance to navigate iOS 14 changes

Facebook Ios 14 Tracking Prompt
Facebook Ios 14 Tracking Prompt (Image credit: MacRumors)

What you need to know

  • A group of advertising companies has set up an alliance to help navigate new privacy changes in iOS 14.
  • The group says it isn't concerned about revenue and believes marketing can be just as effective on iOS "post-IDFA".

A group of six advertising companies has formed an alliance to help app developers and advertisers navigate privacy changes in iOS 14.

As reported by VentureBeat:

Apple's decision to emphasize user privacy over targeted advertising has the advertising and mobile game industries worried. So much so that the adtech companies have formed a new alliance to help address the concerns of mobile marketers and app publishers... The alliance includes mobile marketing firms Liftoff, Fyber, Chartboost, InMobi, Vungle, and Singular. It represents a broad spectrum of companies instrumental to the mobile advertising industry, though as yet it doesn't have full representation of every mobile marketing company, nor does it have app and game publishers yet.

Liftoff CEO Mark Ellis reportedly said that upcoming changes market a "significant" shift for the industry and that the group was bringing in expertise to help markets "navigate this shift seamlessly".

The group is not working with or affiliated with Apple, and hasn't had any contact with the company. Interestingly, Ellis said the alliance is not concerned about revenue:

"I'm not concerned about a revenue drop — our perspective is that if the industry has the right tools and resources, we're going to see that marketing can be just as effective on iOS post-IDFA as it is today. That's why we've come together with the Post-IDFA Alliance: to support that transition and help maintain that success."

With iOS 14.5 app developers that use IDFA tracking to personalize advertising for users will have to ask users if they want to opt-in, meaning no user can be tracked if they don't first agree to it. Facebook has been an ardent critic of the move, saying it will seriously hurt small and medium-sized businesses that rely on its advertising services to generate revenue.

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