The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is a fun little speaker that you can take pretty much anywhere. In addition to excellent 10-hour battery life and water resistance, the Wonderboom comes in a variety of colors that add more visual flair to your audio experience. The hard part is deciding which color is the perfect Wonderboom for you.

Bold and beautiful: Raspberry Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Staff Favorite

Kick back with some sorbet and listen to your favorite tunes in this vibrantly-colored Wonderboom. It's fun, lively, and you'll never misplace it!

$70 at Amazon

Neutral but not basic: Concrete Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

A nice, neutral color that nevertheless has some spirit to it and is inspired by splashes of paint. The Concrete Wonderboom may be gray, but it isn't basic.

Colorful character: Patches Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Choose the Patches Wonderboom, and your speaker will come plastered with fun and colorful characters against a denim blue background. It's definitely a conversation piece!

$110 at Amazon

Not for your toast: Avocado Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

You can't spread it on your toast, but the Avocado Wonderboom might still be an excellent accent for your kitchen. The soft shade of green will meld right into your naturally hued decor.

Sweet sound: Unicorn Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

I would have called this version of the Wonderboom, splashed with colors that run together beautifully, Cotton Candy. Regardless, it's the cutest way to listen to music.

Great balls of fire: Fireball Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Light up your next party with the help of this little fireball that features a solid orange body and scorching blue buttons. If you love loud, bold music, then your speaker should be so as well.

Light and welcoming: Lilac Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

A great color for spring, the Lilac Wonderboom will be a great companion to take on a spring picnic. It's soft and feminine, the perfect companion to love ballads in the sunshine.

Haunting melodies: Phantom Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

A great choice if you're in the Halloween spirit, the Phantom Wonderboom plays your music in black and white. It's subtle, straightforward, and goes with any decor as well as any music.

Brrrrrr!!!: Subzero Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Melt away your chills with some hot tracks using the blue and orange Subzero Wonderboom. The bright color combo is sure to make a statement wherever you take it.

A touch of pink: Cashmere Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Yet another soft, pretty color, the Cashmere Wonderboom, will bring a touch of pink to your post-equinox playlists.

Solid like granite: Stone Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

This edition of the Wonderboom delivers the same rock-solid sound that all of the others do in an understated gray and yellow color scheme.

$57 at Amazon

The Color of your Sound

As you can see, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom has a wide selection of available colors that let you put your personal touch on your music. Personally, I'm partial to the Raspberry color myself. It's vibrant and feminine, and with a color like this, you'll never misplace your Wonderboom!

If you like a more sedate color scheme, check out the Concrete Wonderboom. The gray and black is subtle, but with a cool distressed design to keep things interesting. On top of the cool color choices, the 10-hour battery life will allow you to show off your personal style with your music all day long.

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