Green Chef is a high-end meal kit service with more specialized options than you'll find anywhere else. All of the ingredients are organic, no matter which option you choose, and Green Chef caters to very restrictive diets as well. If you must exclude gluten from your diet, you'll be relieved to find so many gluten-free options on Green Chef, all certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG). Even Keto dieters and Paleo fans can find entire menus that cater to their needs.

Balanced Living: Meals for Everyone

Staff Pick

Balanced Living is the basic Green Chef assortment. You can choose to be an omnivore or a pescatarian, and then select which meat you won't eat. Recent menu highlights include Sole Meunière, Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas, and lots of Asian-influenced rice bowls with meat on top.

$12/serving at Green Chef

Plant-Powered: Vegan and Vegetarian

For Vegans and Vegetarians Green Chef offers the Plant-Powered box. You can choose to receive only vegan ingredients or crossover. Green Chef offers a deal if you buy two or more Plant-Powered boxes, making it the least expensive kit. Recent Vegan highlights include Artichoke "Crab" Cakes, Green Pea Falafel, and many bowls containing noodles or "Power."

From $10/serving at Green Chef

Keto and Paleo: Carb Restricted

Green Chef ships Keto and Paleo kits, which are also gluten-free. These carb-restrictive kits are the priciest. They offer numerous recipe options for these strict diets. Recent Keto recipes include Southwest Provolone Burgers and Trout Almondine. Paleo recipes include Barramundi with Chimichurri and Thai Coconut Chicken Soup.

$13/serving at Green Chef

Gluten-Free: Certified by the GIG

Green Chef is the only meal kit certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group. Food is kept far from gluten-containing ingredients, and the level of gluten is less than 5ppm, lower than FDA requirements. The Keto and Paleo plans are gluten-free, or you can choose the Balanced plan and pick only gluten-free recipes. Recent gluten-free options include a vegan maple cauliflower power bowl, trout with lemon basil sauce, and enough quinoa to satisfy your deep quinoa craving.

From $13/serving at Green Chef

Family-Sized: Carnivores and Omnivores

Green Chef offers larger boxes with four servings per recipe, but it's hard to recommend this option. You don't save much per serving, and there is absolutely no choice in recipes. There are two recipes each week, and that's it. You can choose to be carnivorous or omnivorous, adding vegetarian dishes, but strangely there is no option to be a family of vegetarians. If you want more choices, buy two boxes from a different menu.

From $11/serving at Green Chef

Find your special plan

If you keep a specialized diet, Green Chef is the meal service that is most likely to cater to your needs. If you are carb-conscious or if you are following a ketogenic diet for other health reasons, the Keto plan will be a lifesaver in a sea of microwave meals. People passionate about Paleo eating will find plenty to enjoy as well. Gluten-free eaters especially will find a wide selection of menu items on the Keto and Paleo menus and can rest assured with Green Chef's rare GIG certification. The price may be higher than other kits, but you won't find this level of specialization available anywhere else.

For everyone else, the Balanced Living plan offers a nice way to try all of the other plans and adapt your menu the way you need. Around the holidays I go for a lower-calorie Keto plan to balance out the extra eating I'll be doing. In the summer, I may want to be more vegetable-focused. The Balanced Living plan lets you choose from every option, and on Green Chef, there are plenty of options to choose from.