Another report says iPhone 14 Pro will feature hole-punch camera, no notch

Iphone 14 Prosser
Iphone 14 Prosser (Image credit: Jon Prosser x RendersByIan)

What you need to know

  • Apple's iPhone 14 is slated for its usual release window in 2022.
  • A new report says the Pro versions will ditch the notch in favor of a hole-punch camera.
  • This is the third such report to indicate the change.

Another report claims Apple's iPhone 14 Pro will ditch the notch from its current best iPhone, the iPhone 13, in favor of a hole-punch camera.

From The Elec:

Apple's iPhone Pro models launching in 2022 will have hole-display for the first time, TheElec has learned.The 6.06-inch iPhone Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max models will have hole-displays, sources said.The two other models, the regular 6.06-inch iPhone and 6.7-inch iPhone Max models will continue to have the notch as they did for the versions on the iPhone 13 series.

As the name suggests, this design would see an end to the notch on the Pro iPhone 14 in favor of a small hole that houses the camera and Face ID. The report notes that Apple will also continue to use LTPO OLED panels as it does in the iPhone 13, enabling the 120Hz OLED display and variable refresh rate. The Elec has a more limited track record of Apple insight, but correctly noted details of Apple's AirPods 3 almost a year before launch, and accurately revealed Apple's plans to add LTPO displays and 120Hz to the iPhone this year.

This is the third major report to state this. In March, Ming-Chi Kuo said the 2022 iPhone would see an end to the notch and possible even Face ID. In September, Jon Prosser revealed renders based on leaked information regarding the iPhone 14's design that he'd seen, including a hole-punch camera on the iPhone 14 Pro.

iPhone 14 render

iPhone 14 render (Image credit: Jon Prosser x RendersByIan)

According to Prosser, Lightning will still be the order of the day for the iPhone, but Apple will shift to a new Titanium chassis. We're also expecting Apple to ditch the 'mini' iPhone in favor of a second 6.1-inch device.

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  • Hole-punch camera means no FaceID (the two are mutually exclusive), therefore this whole rumour is extremely unlikely in every way (even though it's constantly reprinted as here). I know that I, for one, will *never* buy an iPhone that only has TouchID and not FaceID. I've used both and FaceID is much more convenient. And most users who have had the experience of both will agree of course. FaceID also quite a bit more secure. I don't see Apple replacing FaceID on their flagship device, (the most secure device log-in that exists!) with a *less* secure, and demonstrably *less* popular option just because some small minority of folks still don't like the notch. Articles like this just point out how duplicitous and money-grubbing sites like iMore are in that they reveal the fact that this whole article is simply here for clicks given that it's unsupportable nonsense and the authors and producers of the site are well aware of those facts.
  • I wouldn't bet on a hole punch camera being incompatible with FaceID. I do understand all the stuff involved in that housed in the notch presently. I would be fine with an active but non-display area at the top that houses camera, dot projectors, mic, speaker, supports status icons and such, but isn't ever used for phone display. That way no picture is ever occluded by the notch as it is today. I wouldn't consider that a regression to forehead or bezel if it still displays useful information. Feel like that could be done today in software.
  • 1) The current (combined) FaceID and camera system on the front of the iPhone uses FOUR lenses/projectors. If iPhone 14 keeps FaceID then it either has to be under the screen or there have to be FOUR *separate* "punch-holes" closely grouped together ... right where the notch is today. 2) So therefore, FaceID needs to be *under* the screen because four punch-holes together in a row is basically just the notch by a different name, right? I mean what would be the point of regaining the screen space between the punch-holes? 3) Since it's actually much, much, *harder* (some would say impossible!) to put things like laser projectors and infrared detectors that are necessary for FaceID under the screen, than it is to put a simple *camera* under the screen, why on earth would there ever be a punch-hole for the camera? It would make more sense to have a punch-hole for FaceID than the camera. There are only two possible conclusions here. One, is that the punch-hole camera is a stupid rumour that isn't true at all. The other is that Apple is ditching FaceID on iPhone 14. The obvious choice is that the punch-hole camera idea is not real. The fact that the original source for it is the same guy who said Apple Watch 7 would have flat sides, who was *literally* punked by Apple with a *fake* leak, also suggest that it's false. The fact that Apple put a notch on the MacBook also makes no sense at all if they are removing it from the phone the following year.