Apple airs first iPhone 4 commercial - FaceTime

Apple began airing their first iPhone 4 commercial last night, an extract of the FaceTime feature video they debuted at WWDC 2010. The original iPhone 2G focused on features, the internet in your pocket, music on your phone. After the launch of the App Store, iPhone 3G focused on disparate apps for (this and) that for a while, until later on in the iPhone 3GS cycle they shifted slightly into apps for specific use cases. iPhone 4 brings it back around to the beginning but with less blatant techno-wow and more sentimentality. It isn't about the cool feature, its about real people -- a new father, a graduate and her grandparents, a couple using sign-language -- making a real, visible, emotional connections.

Apple's already sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s. Ads like this might move a few more.

Video after the break.