Apple Announces Watch SeSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has announced the Apple Watch SE.
  • It features a lot of the same tech as the Apple Watch Series 6 at a more affordable price.
  • It starts at $279 and preorders go live today.

After talking about the Apple Watch Series 6, Jeff Williams went ahead and announced Apple's low-cost Apple Watch, Apple Watch SE.

Low Cost

Apple Watch Se Watchface

Apple Watch SE

Absolute bargain

Apple Watch SE features Apple's S5 chip and is great for fitness tracking, staying connected, and more!

The Apple Watch SE uses the same display as the Apple Watch Series 6, a big upgrade from the older Series 3 screen. In addition, the new watch uses the S5 chip, originally launched in the Apple Watch Series 5, for two times faster performance than Series 3.

The Apple Watch SE will come in both GPS and Cellular configurations. It also will sport the same accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, and altimeter that the Apple Watch Series 6 will receive.

It will also feature fall detection to help bring peace of mind to even more people. It is also swim-proof, so feel free to jump in the pool with it.

Apple Watch Se Feature OverviewSource: AppleInsider

The Apple Watch SE will start at $279, with Apple Card financing as low as $12 per month. It is available for preorder today and releases on Friday.

For all of the details about the new Apple Watch SE, check out our full guide.

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