Does Apple Watch SE 2 fit older cases?

Apple Watch SE 2
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Does Apple Watch SE 2 fit older cases?

Best Answer: Yes! Aside from differences in weight, the second-generation Apple Watch SE is identical in size and shares the same button layout as the previous model.

Is the Apple Watch SE 2 the same physically as the original?

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If you already have an Apple Watch SE, you may have noticed that the Apple Watch SE 2 models look incredibly familiar — because they are almost identical to the previous SE. The 40mm version of the SE 2 sports the same dimensions as before: 40mm height, 34mm width, and 10.7mm depth, while the 44mm model comes in at 44mm height, 38mm width, and 10.7mm depth.

The SE 2 also shares the same Digital Crown and Side Button placement as the previous generation watch. Both buttons are still on the right-hand side of the watch, and the microphone and speaker placement appear to be in the same spots as well.

So are there any physical differences at all?

As previously mentioned, the Apple Watch SE 2 is, for all intents and purposes, identical to the previous Apple Watch SE. The only physical differences you may notice when upgrading is the weight and the feel of the new color-matched nylon composite back.

Thanks to the new back material, the SE 2 bucks the recent trend of Apple Watches growing bigger and heavier with every new generation and are lighter this time around. The 40mm Wi-Fi-only GPS Apple Watch SE 2 weighs in at just 26.4g — down from 30.49g on the previous model, while the cellular variant weighs 27.8g which, again, is down from 30.68g.

The larger 44mm GPS Wi-Fi only SE 2 is also lighter than before at 32.9g compared to 36.20g, and the cellular model comes in at 33g versus 36.20 previously. While a few grams may not seem like much, the reduced weight can be a big deal regarding overall comfort, especially with the watch being strapped to your wrist all day.

What about watch bands?

Like with cases, the new Apple Watch SE 2 will work as expected with all of your current favorite Apple watch SE bands. The SE 2 utilizes the same tried-and-true sliding band — so as long as your band is for the correct size watch, you will be good to go.

Have any case suggestions to make the SE 2 look fresh?

Unlike the iPhone 14 and the new Apple Watch Ultra, you don't have to wait for new cases to hit the market if you decide to upgrade to an SE 2. All of your current best Apple Watch cases will work just fine  — even those for Apple Watch models like the Series 4, 5, and 6, which are also compatible with the SE 2.

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