Apple has posted a preview of the upcoming changes coming in iOS 9.3. The new update will bring changes to Notes, News, Health, CarPlay, and Education. The update will also add a new Night Shift mode for easier viewing at night.

With Night Shift, your iPhone or iPad will be able to automatically change the colors of your display based on your location and time of day. After sunset, the colors on your device's display will shift to the warmer end of the spectrum, which makes its easier to view in the dark.

Notes are getting some security enhancements, with the addition of Touch ID, letting you secure specific notes with your fingerprint. Notes will also now let you sort notes by date created, date modified, and alphabetically.

With the changes to News, the For You section is becoming more personalized. The For You section will be more in line with your interests. Additionally, For You will make suggestions from Editors' Pick trending topics to help you find new favorites. News on the iPhone will add support for landscape orientation. New stories will also load much faster.

The iPhone's built-in Health app will now offer suggestions for third-party apps under individual health categories. The activity data from your Apple Watch, Move, Exercise, and Stand, will now also reside inside the Health app.

CarPlay is getting some new features as well, adding the For You and New sections from Apple Music. CarPlay will also add nearby locations from Maps.

iOS 9.3 will bring some major changes to using iPads in an educational environment. Classrooms will be able to share devices between students, letting children login to different iPads and getting the same experience on each device. The new Classroom app will allow teachers can guide the iPad experience for their students, seeing what apps they are using, and launching apps for them. Apple will also launch new tools for managing devices and Apple IDs within a school.

Apple has yet to offer a public release date for iOS 9.3

Source: Apple

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