Apple ditches Trash can name in the UK with Catalina update in favor of a boring one

What you need to know

  • The release of macOS Catalina introduced a weird change for UK users.
  • The Trash can is now going by the name "Bin."
  • The change makes sense, but it's still sad to see the "Trash" moniker go.

With macOS Catalina out, we're slowly discovering the little under there radar changes Apple introduced with its newest Mac software. One of the most comical changes that has been discovered is the renaming of the Trash can to the "Bin" in the UK.

First spotted by Reddit user MrGray99, he posted a picture of the trash can with the name "Bin." Technically, Apple's new name makes more sense because it is actually a bin. Trash is what you put in it.

However, since it has been officially called "Trash" for so long, it's kind of a weird change.

In the past, Apple has made a big deal of the Trash can. When it unveiled the OS X (10.10) Yosemite complete redesign, it noted how long it took it to design a proper trash can with the new minimalist aesthetic that ditched the aluminum trash can of yesteryear.

This seems to be a slow effort on Apple's part to rename the trash can. A user in Australia noted Apple changed the name to Bin with macOS Mojave. Now the change has expanded to the UK with Catalina. Who knows where else the new name will reach next. Possibly the U.S.?

Regardless, the newly minted Bin will always be known as Trash in the hearts of UK Mac users.

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Danny Zepeda