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What you need to know

  • Apple is fixing an issue with its Calendar app.
  • Users in multiple counties were missing 2022 holidays from their calendar.
  • A fix appears to be rolling out now.

Apple appears to be in the process of fixing an issue with its Calendar app.

As reported by MacRumors, a number of 2022 holidays were missing from Apple's Calendar app for users in the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, and Denmark.

According to the report, users from those countries started talking about the issue back in the middle of 2021. At the time, they hoped that either Apple would fix it or it would potentially resolve itself when the clock turned to 2022. Unfortunately, that was not the case and the holidays were still missing.

iPhone users began asking about the missing 2022 holidays starting in mid-2021, and some assumed that the holidays would make an appearance when it rolled around to January 2022, but that has not happened.

It appears that the issue could be limited to iPhones running newer operating systems as users in those countries are not experiencing the problem on older versions of iOS.

Holidays are showing up appropriately in the United States so this is not a worldwide issue, but it does appear to be affecting a number of countries. The problem could potentially be limited to iPhones running latest operating systems as one user has said that a device with an older operating system is showing the 2022 holidays as expected, but it's not clear which versions of iOS are affected.

Thankfully, it appears that Apple is working on a solution. While the company would usually fix the problem in a software update, users from the affected countries are reporting that the missing holidays are popping back up in the Calendar app.

If you are still missing your holidays, keep an eye out as they could magically appear anytime now.