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What you need to know

  • Apple has landed an original podcast series about Siegfried & Roy.
  • The series is set to premiere exclusively on Apple Podcasts later this year.

Apple Podcasts next move for original content is a series about Siegfried & Roy.

As reported by Deadline, Apple has landed the exclusive rights to a new podcast about Siegfried & Roy. The series is being produced by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Steven Leckhart.

The Siegfried & Roy podcast comes from Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Steven Leckhart, a producer on Netflix's Challenger: The Final Flight, and writer on HBO's What's My Name: Muhammad Ali.

Siegfried & Roy were a duo of German-American entertainers, best known for their appearances with white lions and tigers. Siegfried Fischbacher died in January, while Roy Horn, born Uwe Horn, died of Covid-19 last year. Famously in 2003, a white tiger named Montecore attacked and badly injured Horn during their act at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

The series, which will explore the wonder and controversy of the famous duo, will premiere later this year.

Premiering later this year, the series will present an in-depth look at the most famous, controversial magicians in history, who were widely misunderstood, frequently satirized and feverishly criticized. It will deconstruct the illusions they created, the empire they constructed, and what really happened on the night that a tiger attack ended their reign.

The series is exec produced by Leckart and Will Malnati of podcast production company At Will Media, which makes the For All Mankind podcast as well as the official The Boys podcast for Amazon, Bill Clinton's Why Am I Telling You This? and Audible original series Sorry Charlie Miller starring Zachary Quinto.

Apple just updated its Podcasts app as part of the iOS 14.5 update that released to users earlier this week.