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What you need to know

  • Apple appears to be investigating a charging issue with the new MacBook Pro.
  • A thread on Reddit has highlighted numerous users who cannot charge their MacBook whilst it is completely shut down.
  • In the meantime, Apple has suggested charging the computer in sleep mode, or with the lid open.

A large thread on Reddit indicates many users of Apple's new MacBook Pro (2021) are having issues charging the device when it is completely shut down.

The thread states:

I recently purchased the new M1 Max MacBook and have been very impressed by it so far. Great Product. Recently I noticed that when the MacBook is shut down completely there is an issue with charging. As you can see in the video the LED on the charging cable repeatedly turns on and off and with each time it does you can hear the charing sound effect. Is this a known issue? Would be great if someone with a 2021 MacBook could confirm if they have this charging issue too when the MacBook is shut down. Thanks.

A good number of replies note a similar issue, specifically with the MagSafe charger that returned to the MacBook with the new Pro. One user noted no problems charging with the USB-C cable.

According to the original poster, a solution that saw putting the MacBook briefly into recovery mode was only temporary. Apple Support reportedly stated that the company was aware of the problem and investigating. In the meantime it noted three temporary fixes:

  1. Charge the MacBook Pro in sleep mode
  2. Charge it with the lid open
  3. Plug the MagSafe cable in before shutting it down.

If you've been affected by similar issues this might be your best bet until Apple rolls out a proper fix.

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