iPhone 4 scratches

iFixit claimed the front display on Apple's new iPhone 4 was protected by Corning's Gorilla Glass, but Engadget's review unit is already showing scratches on the back side. Was it an earlier test unit not up to release unit standards? Is the Gorilla Glass only on the front and not the back? Is Gorilla Glass not as scratch resistant as we thought? Is it not really Gorilla Glass at all?

Engadget did get a little rough with their iPhone 4 review unit, but no doubt so will users. And the front seems to be holding up fine.

Credit where it's due -- Georgia was worried about that glass Oreo design in general the moment she saw it. Apple's confident in their tech, especially if that rumor aboutremoving screen protectors from the Apple Store pans out. (The iMore Store will fully stock iPhone 4 versions of BodyGuardz and InvisibleSHIELD just as soon as possible -- no cheap plug intended, we just want our own screens defended!) And again, we don't know much yet. It's just the back, and just one review unit so far.

Let us know what you think.