Apple lists its sources for transit directions in iOS 9

One of the big new features coming in iOS 9 is the addition of transit directions to Apple Maps, and we now know where that data is coming from. Apple has updated its Apple Maps Acknowledgement page with details on which outside sources are providing data for transit directions.

As first spotted by Apple Maps Marketing, some of the sources providing data include MTA, Metrolinx, and Flixbus. In all, there are 20 different sources, all providing data for major cities around the globe including Berlin, London, Toronto, and many more.

When transit directions launch with iOS 9, the feature will be available from Apple Maps in London, New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto, Baltimore, Berlin, Chicago, Mexico City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, as well as around 300 cities in China. Of course, transit directions is just one of the many new goodies coming in iOS 9, so be sure to check out our first look at Apple's next mobile OS update for more.

Source: Apple{.nofollow}; Via: Apple Maps Marketing{.nofollow}, 9to5Mac

Dan Thorp-Lancaster