It looks like, as part of the upcoming iOS 9.1 and OS X 10.11.1 update, Apple is including a new emoji character that's not part of the standard Unicode set. Part of the "Symbols" set, the new character is apparently formed by joining two previous characters, "Eye" and "Left Speech Bubble". The result is an eye inside of a message bubble.

As Jeremy Burge explains, this character is not a standard Unicode addition:

But the strange thing about this character (which Apple calls "eye in speech bubble") is that it's not a standard Unicode addition. It can't be found in Unicode 1.1, or any other version right through to the Unicode 9.0 candidates.

There's a simple reason for Apple including a non-standard character with the addition of new emoji: the combination of "Eye" and "Left Speech Bubble" can also be read as "eye-message". Get it?

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iOS 9.1 is currently in beta for both developers and public testers, while OS X 10.11.1 is also in developer beta. Aside from new emoji characters, not much is known about these updates just yet.

Source: Jeremy Burge