Did Apple place chipset orders for a January Verizon iPhone 4 launch?

TechCrunch is claiming that the ever popular "sources with knowledge of the situation" have told them that Apple has submitted an order to Qualcomm for millions of CDMA chipsets to supply a Verizon iPhone 4 manufacturing run this December:

This production run would likely be for a January launch, and I’d bet the phone is nearly 100% consistent with the current iPhone 4 (with a fixed internal insulator on the antenna).

They suggest CES 2011, where Verizon's CEO is scheduled to keynote, might be the perfect place for an announcement, but also think he might have to hold off for Macworld in February, "Apple’s historical launching pad". However, Apple stopped attending Macworld after 2009 and in 2010 held their own iPad event during a similar time period instead.

Yes, the on again, off again rumors are on again. Sigh. Real, fake, really fake? When it comes to Verizon iPhone rumors TiPb believes now what we heard back at CES 2010 -- Apple has the technology in place and can launch whenever their exclusivity with AT&T expires, and they can come to terms with Verizon (no small feat, given how stubborn and controlling both Apple and Verizon have historically been).


Rene Ritchie

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  • I'm not sure we will ever stop hearing about the verizon iPhone until it actually ever happens.
  • Stop. Please for the love of your favorite deity stop the VZW iPhone rumors. That horse is long dead. There will be no new iPhone of any kind in January.
  • Still feel that way?????
  • The time frame for launch would be more for a ipad that can be used on verizon's 3g network. I have never read of any kind of exclusivity with apple and at&t over the 3g ipad. Maybe this is what these chips are for???
  • Ummmm..........who really cares?
  • I'm honestly tired of hearing about a Verizon iPhone. I've been a Verizon customer for almost 10 years, and have waited patiently since 2007 for a iPhone. My BB Curve is literally falling apart, and while I am up for an upgrade/end of contract, unless I hear it out of the mouth of Jobs in the next week, I am signing up with AT&T before my next billing month starts. I will impatiently wait another 3 weeks but at least that's better than four plus months bare minimum for a phone that MIGHT exist.
  • Apple can't even keep up with current demand.
  • I for would be pissed if they came out with a iphone for verizon and fixed the antenna on it also!
  • It'll happen when it happens. That's all we know. Can't we just relax and wait?
  • While the tipb meme tends to be "CDMA == Verizon only, GSM == everybody else," that is not entirely true. Verizon and Sprint are two of the biggest, yes, but there are CDMA networks employed in ~120 countries. Some of these rival Sprint in size, and one, China Telecom, is on track to surpass Verizon as the largest CDMA network worldwide within a few more months, and already is larger than Verizon in terms of number of subscribers. Unlike Verizon, China Telecom has openly coveted an iPhone (WSJ link: http://bit.ly/doJSED ) for their network, and they would likely only have similar control issues to China Unicom, i.e. somewhat strict, but already proven acceptable to Apple.
    I know that in the US (and apparently in Canada too, sorry Rene : ) ) we tend to report everything from a US-centric perspective, but there are more than enough CDMA users worldwide for Apple to take that plunge even without Verizon. GSM is still bigger, of course, but sales are sales, and, if Apple thinks they can sell enough iPhones to a quarter billion Chinese CDMA subscribers to split their radio R&D/supply, they will do so, Verizon be damned. Of course, adding Verizon and China Telecom both would maximize the ROI on those radio efforts, so Apple would obviously prefer to do both, if they take the CDMA plunge at all.
  • Please be true. Don't make me buy a Droid!
  • I know some of us read the article that was put out by Wired that said Apple tried to put the CDMA chip in an iPhone 4 but it wouldn't fit and to make it fit would cost them lots of $$$ to change the design of the iPhone 4. So for them to be changing the design in less than 6 -7 months of the iPhone 4 launch is ridiculous. I bet @Larry is right, it's for an iPad because that device is large enough for them to put the CDMA chip in it. Also like @cardfan said "Apple can't even keep up with demand" so why would they make that mistake and be even further buried with people not getting an iPhone. Lots of my friends have ordered iPhones from Apple and have waited close to 2 full weeks before getting one. Just think if we add Verizon in there too. Unless they plan on hiring another manufacture to make them for Verizon I don't see it possible. Anyone seen any rumors of other chinese manufactures coming on board?
  • It would be good .. so a lot of ppl would move off AT&T and free its network a bit.
  • How can anyone think this isn't for the new iPad?? Its not for an iPhone. This is for an iPad (new model)
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  • for the love of god, can we please, PLEASE stop the verizon iPhone rumors? obviously IPhone bloggers have some fetish for this, but enough is enough
  • Its fun!
  • http://www.wired.com/magazine/2010/07/ffattfail/
  • Oh my god! Here we go again. I may believe an iPhone for CDMA, but not JUST Verizon. Maybe Sprint or some other carrier out there. What is so great about Verizon? All they offer is coverage and much more expensive plans! But what do I care, it's not like I would be switching anyways. And iPhone in January? That's so stupid. Apple doesn't do iPhone's in the winter timeframe. But maybe it could be because of FCC approval. Apple wouldn't probably want FCC to spoil the "surprise" but, it could stop iPhone sales for the first half of 2011? So, idk. I really don't care. I just hope they do something just so these Verizon fanboys can just shut the f*** up!
  • (Copy of) Dev, what you fail to mention are two important things:
    1) All those other countries with CDMA have much larger GSM subscriber bases.
    2) Nearly all of them (Verizon included) have official plans to move away from CDMA in the near future, to GSM (LTE)
    CDMA is dead in the water.
  • I think Apple should release on all US carriers.....then everyone can shut up finally. I'd jump ship for Sprint honestly.......better than ATT (for me) and don't care to pay verizon for their coverage (really, who travels to the boonies anyhow)
  • @Brad:
    Wired that said Apple tried to put the CDMA chip in an iPhone 4 but it wouldn’t fit and to make it fit would cost them lots of $$$ to change the design of the iPhone 4.
    That's not a believable story.
    When Apple calls, any chipset manufacturer would make them a custom chip package that would fit in their left nostril if desired.
    In fact, THIS story is not all that believable, because QualComm doesn't even have a Fab, and wouldn't take orders for chips. You want qualcomm stuff, you license from them from qualcomm, but you get them built where ever you can.
  • Maybe they'll call it iPhone 4G, being that the first wave of LTE markets is scheduled to go live around that time as well, no?
  • Wouldn't an iPhone on VZW be a little weak due to the lack of voice and data at the same time?
  • This is for the iPhone 5. It's already a rumor. Lol
  • Who cares which iPhone it is, I'm switching to Verizon if it's an original iPhone. I would just like to be able to place a call inside of a building and not drop a call when I'm 500 feet from an AT&T tower. Litterally there are AT&T towers very close to this one road that I drive very frequently and I have dropped calls, looking at their tower with full bars. AT&T is horrible.
  • I highly doubt Apple would do that, just imagine the amount of pissed off people there would be..
  • One things for sure, Verizon doesn't NEED Apple, Apple does NEED a decent carrier in the United States. If Verizon is going to carry the iPhone they need to b#@ch slap Steve Jobs and let him know it will be on Verizon's terms.
  • I really don't care if and when Verizon gets the iPhone. I'm still going to stay w/AT&T. I would never own a CDMA phone or be on a CDMA Carrier.
  • Guys there will be an iphone on verizon because apple is already making a new iphone 5 to fix the antenna problem so they are also going to make the iphone to be able to support cdma and it will come out in less than a year jobs wants to surprise everyone with this so it will be a big deal because the exclusive deal with at t is almost up and yes verizon Is also going to have there own tablet coming out soon
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  • verizon and sprint share a lot of the same towers yet verizon is waaaaayyyy more expensive, and has complicated plans.
    I'm really liking sprints simple no bs plans. No charging mins for calling ur own dang voicemail, $69 to call any cellphone in US, unlimited data/texts and GPS/Sprint internet TV included. No extra BS charges
  • Apple can't make enough iPhones for there AT&T customers, what the hell are they going to do when Verizon starts selling them ?
  • Justify anything you can about CDMA and global markets. Don't rule out two facts: 1) Like DEV says, "sales are sales" & 2) Andriod is closing in.
    Although US centric, the exclusivity to AT&T is limiting sales and everyone knows that. Eagleye's opinion that he will never be on CDMA doesn't really factor into Apple's revenue from sales.
    I personally am looking for a handheld device that has good coverage in Iraq; GSM here we come. Due to cost, however, I refuse to spend significant cashflow for frivolous features. SMS and occasional voice would be nice. These real world considerations lead me to believe that unless your the millionaire jet set blogger then the global capabilities of GSM don't really factor.
  • So as usual another Blackberry or Droid device is about to launch this week so the iPhone on Verizon rumors go crazy. "Hmm, maybe I will wait for the Verizon iPhone rather than buying the new X". sounds like smart marketing to me, keeps the competition from gaining ground
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  • There will be an iPhone for Verizon, but it will come after Verizon has rolled out LTE. Why is this so hard to figure out. Why do you think Verizon is moving to LTE with a sim card. Do you really think Apple is going to run dual systems(CDMA&GSM) when they can't make enough GSM units.
  • OMG WHO CARES IF IT'S VERIZON OR SPRINT! Just get it done!!! With any carrier other than freaking AT&T ! I think it's BS that the European Market can have the iPhone with multiple carriers and we are stuck with red bs tape and dumb a** contracts limiting our US market!! Okay so I get it...there is tons of love for the Droids out there...okay..good. But you will either love it or hate it and it's not for everyone. They are not as simple to use and if you are a music fan you are stuck with crappy VCAST or some iTunes wannabe! I am with Verizon I have never had any issues with service or customer service and get a killer discount through my employer! BUT - VZ phones SUCK!! SUCK!! SUCK!! Now, I also have a business and 4 years ago I started with an AT&T business plan, those bastards where the worst and my business calls dropped all the time! It was so bad that I GLADLY PAID OUT OF MY BUSINESS CONTRACT!! GLADLY!! And switched to Verizon business. So you have your Droid lovers and your iPhone lovers, it is only fair that people get to enjoy their perferred or dream device without the sacrafice or lack of choice of carriers. That itself is a monopoly! It is also the reason why AT&T DOES NOT GIVE A CRAP about it's cusotmers and improving it's technology to support the iPhone! They are in such high demand that and popular, a.) simple to use b.)great apps c.)killer music player and so much more! Buying an iphone with AT&T is like signing a contract with the Devil and them laughing at you! Arrrrgghh!! Jobs - I do not care who you do it with just freaking do it! I have been waiting to long!! :P
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