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What you need to know

  • Apple has debuted The Line, a new original podcast on Apple Podcasts.
  • The four-part documentary will debut on Apple TV+ in the fall.

    An upcoming series from Apple TV+ is getting a podcast ahead of the premiere of the show.

Apple Podcasts has debuted The Line, a new podcast that will complement an upcoming series of the same name that will make its premiere on Apple TV+. The podcast will follow Dan Taberski as he looks into the trial of Eddie Gallagher, a Navy Seal who was accused of murder by his men.

In 2018, a group of Navy SEALs broke ranks and accused their chief, Eddie Gallagher, of murder—sucking them all into the biggest war crimes trial in a generation. Did a Navy SEAL cross the line in Iraq? Dan Taberski ("Running from COPS") takes you inside that courtroom for the first time, peeling back the curtain on how America wages its wars now and revealing the story that the media covering the trial blew right past. Through intimate conversations with over 50 special operators, the series explores just how blurred the line between right and wrong has become in the forever wars—and what that's doing to the hearts and minds of those we send to fight them.

Apple has announced the four-part documentary series will premiere on Apple TV+ in the fall of 2021.

These Apple Original series are independently reported and offer a unique perspective on previously untold aspects of the story of US Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, who was charged with committing war crimes before ultimately being acquitted on all but one count: for posing in a photo with a corpse. Both series will examine the complicated realities involved with fighting a decades-long war, stripping back the layers surrounding Gallagher's alleged crimes.

The immersive Apple TV+ original podcast employs exclusive investigative reporting, one-on one interviews with Gallagher and his wife, and extraordinary access to over 50 current and former special operators, giving listeners an inside understanding of the psychological toll on service members embroiled in ceaseless warfare, the secretive culture of the military's most elite special operations units, and the struggle for justice in the fog of war. The podcast is available at

You can check out the first couple of episodes of The Line on the Apple Podcasts app.


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