Apple posts iPhone 4 Antenna Press Conference Video, Antenna Information Page

That was fast! Apple has not only posted up the video of their iPhone 4 Antenna Press conference from earlier today (sadly, without the Q&A), they have also put up a dedicated page to discussion signal strength issues with the death grip:

On a mobile phone, signal loss typically occurs when your hand attenuates the most sensitive part of the antenna. In the photos and videos below, we demonstrate how different grips cause attenuation on many popular smartphones — including iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

Say what you will about Apple PR, but when they decide to make a move, they move fast and make as big a splash as they can. Give it a watch and let us know: are you convinced?

Video after the break.

Antenna page; via Engadget

Dieter Bohn
  • That link is to a WWDC video... Not the antenna one from today.
  • It appears that Jobs ignored the question about this being caused by as little as a single finger on the iPhone 4. Sure, if you use any part of your body wrapped around a phone to attenuate the signal strength there will be some effect, with the iPhone 4 only ONE FINGER appears to have such an effect, but they ignore that completely.
  • My friend with an HTC Evo was convinced when I demonstrated that his phone suffered the same issues when the antenna was held. 4 bars to 1 in under 10 seconds.
  • I tried the same experiment with my Droid Incredible on VZW. It lost 3G and went down to only one bar. Physics, my friend. All smartphones have this issue in some form or another.
  • Cell phone signal attenuation is a fact of life! Get over it people. Sign up for your free case and shut the hell up about it already.
  • Link fixed ghost edit
  • Then it is confirmed: We were holding the phone wrong, all along.
  • So now that steve has spoken, everyone comes forward with all of their other phones that have the problem. How convenient.
  • The second comment in this thread, by JM, pretty well sums up the silliness: "Jobs ignored the question about this being caused by as little as a single finger".
    No one cares if it is one finger or six fingers. Nor did anyone at the press conference explain how many fingers in what location cause what degree of interference based on how low the signal strength was from a particular cell at a midday in sunny weather with clouds heading in from the east.
    The antenna problem was acknowledged. Their corrective action was outlined. If anyone is still unhappy they were told their money would be refunded without hesitation. Story ends.
  • Exactly right. I have a bumper anyway, and I'm damn sure keeping my iphone.
  • I hope Apple is ready for the RIM, Samsung, and HTC lawsuits over posting those videos...
  • Deflection.
    And, oh, yeah, ThereIsaProblemIfYouTouchTheGapSoHereIsAFreeBumperNowSTFUandGoAway.
  • @Joe:
    Weren't those all Discontinued models?
  • @Tom Stephens:
    No, Tom, Story does NOT end.
    Much as you wish it would.
    Today's presser raises more questions than it answered.
    You don't get to call end-game on this one.
  • @David:
    My friend with an HTC Evo was convinced when I demonstrated that his phone suffered the same issues when the antenna was held. 4 bars to 1 in under 10 seconds.
    And next you will tell us you did that with ONE finger with the phone sitting on the desk.
    Question: Have you been paying attention AT ALL for the last week?
  • great presentation. satisfied with the resolution to this issue and admitting that it is a real problem and not continuing to tell people to hold the phone a different way.
    good on apple.
    that said, increasing to 1 additional dropped call per 100 is bad. calls are important and though they will inevitably drop some of the time, any design that doesn't decrease the number of dropped calls and move the industry forward is a big step back.
    i also don't really care if other smart phones have similar problems coz i don't want to buy those phones and i expect apple to be the best, not the same. iPhone 3G and 3GS didn't have this pronounced problem, so it is unacceptable that the iPhone 4 has it.
    but whatever. i'm convinced apple has a handle on the situation and is doing their best to maintain excellence. hopefully the cases and bumpers at least bring the dropped call rates to 3GS levels [or lower?].
    pretty satisfied with apple's reaction.
  • What a joke. I never used a case before
  • I just wanna get it here in Canada. I wont be using the free bumper at first because I want to see if I will have the problem. I have never had low reception except when I expected to like in my condo or in my underground garage. I think the crappy AT&T service has alot to do w\ the problem. This is just my own personal feeling I'm not saying I'm right or trying to argue it but that is my own feeling.
  • I wonder why they give away the free bumpers only until September 30th? I suspect they will then change the antenna design and solve the problem. So if I return my iPhone 4 now and buy one in the fall I would not need the bumper. Jobs indicated that they are seeking a better solution.
    PS: I did not notice this "death grip" issue with my iPhone 3G.
  • Although I don't like the answer I am not ENTITLED to an iPhone. Apples stance If you don't like it bring it back maybe be bold and a little arrogant and not very PRish but again I am not Entitled to he iphone 4 and I have an option for a full refund.
  • So let me understand this: We have one of the best, if not the best looking phone to ever come out, and in order to USE it I have to hide it in a case?? Or, string a stupid rubber band around it?? Is that Apple's position?? 1) They KNEW ABOUT THIS before they sold the first phone. They had their "fix" already inhouse...the stupid rubber bands, which they were more than happy to take your $30 for, and NOW, after all the flack, ARE FREE. 2) They should have gotten out in front of this from the srtart. Telling people to hold it differently, buy a rubber band, or a case to fix it on top of the $300 you pay for the phone was just insulting. And if that wasn't bad enough, they go and compare the thing to the competion, and say" Look, theirs does it to!!!". This entire thing has been a cluster from the first "found" phone all the way to today.
  • So has anyone tried to coat the metal band with clear nail polish? Seems like a stupid simple fix for those who can't stand the thought of a case.
  • You know in Apples letter regarding the iPhone 4 antenna issues they claim that they were ''shocked'' to find out that it was such a massive issue. I think that they knew all along. In fact i found this article at .
    The article is called "Theories At Work; Jobs Knew About Antenna Woes". Its rather interesting.
  • Hahaha. This all makes me laugh to be honest.
    I have no opinion on the actual faults or problems. What make me laugh is peoples reaction.
    It's a phone.
    Don't like it - don't buy it.
    Already bought it and don't like it? - take it back. You've lost nothing at the end of the day, other then perhaps 2 weeks with no phone. But remember...
    It's a phone.
    Get a life and start worrying about things that actually matter in life.
    It's a phone.
  • Jobs is a genious! He manages to create a fake solution to the problem and iPhone fans are completely happy with it! Next he'll be selling iPhone 5, and you'll have to glue it together yourself with nail polish or some other domestic stuff, because hey "We're not perfect. Smartphones are not perfect".
    This is hilarious. No wonder the tipb review of the phone was excellent, and at the end you could find something like: "oh and the antenna has some issues, but nothing serious". Pathetic.
    But Steve is right is just a phone, so I'll go buy something else that doesn't need a $30 rubber band to work properly. Enjoy your iPhone 4 Job's fans!
  • Apple has lost trust now. Recall it like tylenol. Wake up to the reason why you have loyal customers - not because you are a charming salesman, but due to standing by your product.
    cheap shot on other vendors - deflect attention from your shortcomings -
    Back off your high horse, use some of the profits to regain customer loyalty or you lose big time in the long run...
    Toyota woke up.
  • I have had a Blackberry for two years and I have never had any signal attenuation regardless of how I hold it.
    Mr. Jobs and Apple have really sunk to a new low on this one. They don't admit they have a problem then they make up stories about other phones in order to avoid responsibility.
    Personally, I'm really glad I'm not a Lemming with a toy iPhone and the POS network it's on.
  • @iHate: Hahahaha hilarious!! The most disturbing part is, THEY really do behave like that...
  • I think everyone will experience some problem with their smart phones at some point. Its silly to say how bad apple is handling the situation while I don't see the CEO of Blackberry or Andriod coming forward explaining why their products suck and offering an alternative.
    I've had 3 blackberry Storms within in the last 12 months and all have have lousy reception, everytime I complain about this Verizon simply gives me another phone. Not once has Blackberry come forward and said "oh here's the fix and solution".
    Has anyone paid any attention that the US is the only country in the world that is experiencing this problem!
    I think its great apple came up with a new antenna, unfortunately with one little flaw which they're working on resolving everyone thinks its the end of the world. Really? are you that lame?
    Steve Jobs said they've been working on a solution "its not like they've had their heads buried in the sand this whole time". Yet Blackberry hasn't offered me an altnerative or solution but yet we continue to bash the one who's willing to resolve their problems? That makes no sense?
    When Disney World opened up back in the 50's the whole theme park went down without power for 3 days. Did everyone turn around and bash Disney saying how lousy they are and that they shouldn't be trusted? Think about it people!