Apple presents at Black Hat, expectations get hacked

Apple gave their first ever presentation at the Black Hack conference on Thursday, and while it sounds like it didn't live up to the expectations of those unfamiliar with Apple's typical level of community engagement, it did happen. Nicole Perlroth, writing for The New York Times, reports:

[When] hackers and security suits filed out an hour later, most looked bored and deflated. Mr. De Atley had basically done the equivalent of reading aloud a white paper, timed to a PowerPoint deck, before escaping out a side door without answering any questions. Steve Jobs he is not.

I'm not sure what the Steve Jobs reference has to do with anything, frankly. Apple never presented before. Anyone thinking they'd open the kimono and start giving out hugs were setting themselves up for disappointment.

Baby steps. Apple is new to this. Skittish. Approach them slowly. Carefully. And we'll see what happens next year.

Source: The New York Times

Rene Ritchie

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