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What you need to know

  • Apple's latest "Shot on iPhone" video showcases iPhone 11 Pro.
  • The video uses the phone's ultra wide camera.
  • It shows us how beautiful the area around Las Vegas can be.

Apple often shares new videos that highlight what its iPhones are capable of, using the "Shot on iPhone" moniker and posting them to YouTube. The latest of those is "A journey into the Valley of Fire" and it uses the latest and hottest iPhone 11 Pro.

With its ultra wide camera, iPhone 11 Pro is capable of capturing shots that other iPhones simply aren't. And this video shows what you can do with that camera, a ton of desert, and probably more than a little training.

See how iPhone 11 Pro captured the otherworldly 4K video using the Ultra Wide camera in this deep dive into the Valley of Fire. Fifty miles from Las Vegas lie the remains of a monumental geological process. Sculpted by 200 million years of wind and water; an ocean of rock, a valley of fire.

There's no denying the abilities of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro when it comes to shooting video. But with Samsung upping the ante with its Galaxy S20 Ultra, all eyes will be on this year's iPhones to see how Apple answers.

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