When asked during the iPhone 4 press conference if there would be a software fix for iPhone 4's antenna issues, Steve Jobs and Scott Forestall both said an emphatic (borderline hostile) "no".

While Apple offered apologies, facts and figures, demonstrations of other smartphones having the same issue, and free bumpers and cases to take care of their customers, they said no software fix was forthcoming:

Q (Josh, Engadget): NY Times says this might have a software fix, is this something that can be helped with software? Steve: We just spent the last hour going through how the iPhone 4 drops only 1 more call per hundred than the 3GS. … Go talk to the Times, because you guys talk to yourselves a lot, and they’re just making this stuff up.

Forstall jumped up on stage: “That statement is patently false. Can we continue to tune the way the baseband interacts with the network? Yes, and we do this all the time. But that statement is untrue.” Steve: “One many statements lately that fall into that category.”

So does that mean no software fix, or is this like when they said no iPod with video or no phone?