Apple Stores exchanging white iPhone 4 models for 4S models due to supply constraints

Some Apple Stores in the United States and Canada are experiencing major supply constraints with the white 16GB iPhone 4. Allegedly the problem is so bad that Apple has instructed genius bar workers to replace customers' 16GB white iPhone 4 models with iPhone 4S where needed. Multiple sources have apparently confirmed this is currently being implemented.

The replacement model would be a refurbished iPhone 4S 16GB but customers would get a significant upgrade from their iPhone 4; namely a better camera, faster processor and of course Siri. Not all Apple Stores have been affected so far but we are sure that if supply constraints are that bad it won't be long before they are. Currently the problem only seems to be within the United States and Canada.

If you've exchanged your white 16GB white iPhone 4 and received a refurbished 16GB white iPhone 4S, let us know!

Source: 9to5Mac


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