Apple Watch Se OverheatingSource: MacRumors

What you need to know

  • Some Apple Watch SE models are overheating.
  • It is causing a yellow mark to appear on the upper right of the display.
  • The issue seems to be isolated to South Korea.

Reported by MacRumors, some Apple Watch owners in South Korea are reporting overheating issues with their new Apple Watch SE. According to the reports, the watch would overheat within a few hours of use and a yellow spot would appear on the upper right corner of the display.

There have been six reports from Apple Watch SE owners in South Korea who have had their Apple Watches get hot and malfunction, with a yellow spot appearing in the upper right corner of the watch ... All of the owners who have experienced issues were wearing the watch when it got hot on the wrist or when charging and then it later exhibited the display issue.

According to a post on Reddit, one owner woke up to find that the watch got so hot overnight that it left a red mark on their wrist.

The owner received the product on October 8. The owner slept with the watch on the wrist on October 9 night. Woke up on October 10 just to find the wrist is very hot. The owner quickly took off the watch to find the red wrist due to heat. No power signals from the watch, but the sound plays well when the watch is searched with the Find my Watch feature. The owner exchanged the device with a new product on October 16.

According to the report, the issue seems to be isolated to South Korea so far, as no other countries have reported the issue. It is unclear what is causing the issue, and Apple has yet to address it publicly.