Apple Watch Series 5 band listings accidentally go up on Hermès site

What you need to know

  • The Hermès site posted product listings for a "Series 5" Apple Watch.
  • It seems the listings were posted on accident.
  • The listings have sinced been removed.

We've heard very little rumblings of an Apple Watch Series 5, yet it is still expected to show up this fall, possibly even at the upcoming September 10 event. Adding fuel to the fire is Hermès, who had Apple Watch bands under the label "Series 5" on its site today.

First spotted by 9to5Mac, the Hermès site had product listing for "Series 5" Apple Watch bands leading to speculation about it being a possible leak. The listings were up for a while before Hermés removed them. Searching for "Series 5" now just leads to an "Oops!" warning that says there are no search results found.

The reasoning for this is not clear, but there are two explanations: either it was just an honest mistake on Hermès' part or it might be preparing to launch new bands for a new Apple Watch.

We'll side with the former as all of the stock images used for the so-called "Series 5" bands still refer to the Series 4 Apple Watch in the inner labeling. It was just a single number difference, but given anticipation for a new Apple Watch is extremely high at the moment with the Apple event mere days away, naturally it grabbed people's attention.

We will bring you complete coverage of Apple's event next week, including the Apple Watch Series 5 should it be announced.

Danny Zepeda