Apple Homepod Mini ColorsSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • All three new HomePod mini colors are available to buy.
  • The new orange, yellow, and blue colors join the existing white and space gray offerings.
  • All five HomePod mini colors sell for $99.

Apple's newly colorful HomePod mini is now available for purchase, the company has confirmed. New yellow, orange, and blue colors join the existing white and space gray and are available right now for $99. Anyone looking to save a little should check out our list of the best HomePod deals before placing an order, though.

The new HomePod minis are functionally identical to the previous ones, but this time they've been given a hint of color that was previously unavailable.

Apple today announced HomePod mini is now available in yellow, orange, and blue, giving users more ways to express their personality and style in any space. These new colors, along with white and space gray, feature color-matched details throughout, including the tinted touch surface, mesh fabric, volume icons, and woven power cable, for only $99.

While customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico can now place their orders, those in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan will be waiting a few hours before their stores are updated. It's even worse news for other parts of the world, however. Australia, Austria, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK will need to wait until "later this month" for their own HomePod mini colors to go on sale.

Anyone who has been waiting for a fancy new HomePod color to choose from is in for a treat, but there's no reason for anyone who already owns one of the less interesting colors to upgrade, unfortunately.

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