Apple's iPhone 4 leads the pack in smartphone customer satisfaction

Apple's iPhone 4 topped the charts in customer satisfaction again with 8 out of 10 users being very satisfied with their smartphone device. From ChangeWave:

As we’ve consistently seen in our consumer smart phone demand surveys, the Apple iPhone continues to outperform the industry in terms of customer satisfaction.

If you compare Apple's customer satisfaction ratings to specific competing smartphones such as RIM's Blackberry Torch (64%) or the Motorola Droid X (71%), you can clearly see that the iPhone 4 is winning the race by continuing Apple's goal in delivering only the highest quality devices to its users. In addition to RIM and Motorola, Samsung's new Galaxy S Android smartphone failed to reach Apple's level and only saw 55% of its users to be satisfied with the device.

Something else we found interesting was that a full 1/3 of smartphone owners would have chosen the iPhone if it were available on their carrier. With the Verizon iPhone just around the corner, could this spells trouble for other high-end smartphone makers trying to compete with the iPhone?


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