Apple's new MacBook Pro can use the full screen around notch

Apple Macbook Pro 16 Inch Xcode
Apple Macbook Pro 16 Inch Xcode (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple announced its brand new MacBook Pro on Monday.
  • It includes a distinctive notch that houses the new 1080p webcam.
  • Developers can full screen their apps using the area surrounding the notch at the top of the display.

Apple has confirmed to developers of Mac apps that they will be able to make use of the extra display room on either side of the notch on the new mini-LED MacBook Pro, and that there's a new tool to stop any content being obscured by the camera housing.

In a new developer document Apple stated:

On Macs that include a camera housing in the screen bezel, the system provides a compatibility mode to prevent apps from unintentionally putting content in the region the housing occupies. When this mode is active, the system changes the active area of the display to avoid the camera housing. The new active area ensures your app's contents are always visible and not obscured by the camera housing. The system only activates this compatibility mode while an app that requires it runs in the current desktop space.

Apple's new MacBook not only includes new Apple silicon with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, it also includes a new Liquid Retina XDR display that uses the same mini-LED technology from the M1 iPad Pro (2021). It also includes a new larger display and thinner bezels, with a notch left to house the new 1080p FaceTime camera:

The display features even thinner borders and extends up around the camera to provide users with even more room for their content. Whether users are watching a movie or grading 8K video, the new display offers a beautiful cinematic viewing experience.

Apple marketed the new MacBook Pro's extra screen real estate as the perfect home for the menu bar and status icons like the battery indicator, much like the iPhone 13 and its other recent best iPhones. This new developer tool confirms that developers will be able to use the entirety of the MacBook Pro's display and that there's no risk of any content being obscured by the notch.

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