Apps for Less: Brothers in Arms, UNO, YAHTZEE Adventures, MONOPOLY

Today TiPb presents to you a special gaming edition of Apps for Less. The following games could go well with the custom TiPb Element Liquid Cases that we are giving away!

This first game is for all of the first person shooter fans out there, Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes has just dropped a few bucks to $5.99. [iTunes Link] If you missed msbaylor's forum review, be sure to take a minute and see what this game is all about.

This next one sparked a little bit of comment controversy over its price not to long ago in its preview, UNO. [iTunes Link] Well for all of those who said the price of $7.99 was a bit to steep, how is $4.99? Is that enough to make to take the plunge?

These last two games we want to bring to your attention are brought to us by Electronic Arts. YAHTZEE Adventures and MONOPOLY Here and Now: The World Edition have both gone on sale for a limited time. YAHTZEE Adventures being priced at $2.99 and MONOPOLY priced at $4.99.

Have we missed a good deal that you know about and want to share with everyone? Feel free to send us a email and let us know!

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