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Best answer: Scarescraper's team-centered adventure can be done with friends or strangers and presents a meaningful challenge that changes from game to game. However, the three ScreamPark minigames have limited options and lack variety and replayability, causing them to go stale quickly.

What is Scarescraper?

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Scarescraper is a multiplayer mode accessible either from E.Gadd's lab or from the main game menu. In Scarescraper, you team up with three other players (either locally or online) to climb up a set of randomized floors in the hotel, completing objectives as you go, such as catching all ghosts or vacuuming up a certain amount of money.

This mode can be played either in 5 or 10-floor mode (or random), with the objectives getting more and more challenging as you climb. You'll be tripped up frequently as you climb by trap doors, trick rugs, and Boos cutting the power, and if you don't complete the objective for a floor by the time limit, you have to start over.

Why play Scarescraper?

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Scarescraper is a surprisingly fun multiplayer mode for numerous reasons. The first is variety: you'll never be playing the same floor with the same set-up twice. The second is that you can still play the mode if you don't have any friends online or at your place, you'll just be matched with other folks online. And though communication can certainly help in this mode, a limited number of button-mapped signals ("Over here!" "Help!" "Thank you!") works well enough to make this mode both challenging and fun.

Plus, it's the only place you can find and capture Rare Ghosts, so if you're a completionist, you'd better visit this mode a few times regardless.

What is ScreamPark?

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ScreamPark is Luigi's Mansion 3's name for a collection of three minigames: Ghost Hunt, Cannon Barrage, and Coin Floating. These minigames are team-based, competitive games that can only be played locally. The first has you competing to capture ghosts in a large cemetery map. The second has you collecting, aiming, and shooting cannonballs at targets, and Coin Floating puts you and your opponents in floaties ala the B2 level of the game and has you collect coins and avoid bombs.

Why play ScreamPark?

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ScreamPark can be some fun if you have friends over and want some Mario Party-esque fun, but its energy is limited. For one, it can only be played locally, so you must have friends over to even get started. Second, there are only three games, and they quickly get repetitive.

There's not really any way to scale up the difficulty or change the rules or win anything, so there isn't as much motivation to keep going for the long-haul. Still, if the co-op Story mode and Scarescraper have gotten dull, these can be a good way to shake things up.

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