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If you're nearing the end of the story in Luigi's Mansion 3, you might have noticed that your gallery is sparse in one particular area: the Rare Ghosts section. You might be poking into every corner of the hotel, looking for these mysterious Rare Ghosts you somehow haven't come across yet, to no avail. That's because there's a very specific way to find these Rare Ghosts, and if you're not playing the multiplayer modes, you're doing it wrong.

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How to find Rare Ghosts in Luigi's Mansion 3

  1. When you load up the game, instead of choosing Story, select the Scarescraper game mode.

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  2. You can play with friends locally or online, but if you're flying solo, select Online play and choose to play with random players.
  3. Select 10 Floors.

    Luigi's Mansion 3 scarescraper menuSource: iMore

  4. Capture ghosts and complete objectives with three other players until you get to the 5th floor.

    Luigi's Mansion 3 Scarescraper modeSource: iMore

  5. There, you'll be able to battle several Rare Ghosts.

    Luigi's Mansion 3 rare ghost battleSource: iMore

  6. If you want the ghost for your collection, you must be the one to ultimately capture it.

What Rare Ghosts can I capture?

There are nine total Rare Ghosts, all of which are variations on ghosts you have seen in the Story Mode, but with special abilities and more health:

  • Speed Goob: 250 HP, moves very fast
  • Speed Hammer: 350 HP, moves very fast
  • Speed Oozer: 250 HP, moves very fast
  • Regen Goob: 250 HP, regenerates HP when not engaged
  • Regen Hammer: 350 HP, regenerates HP when not engaged
  • Regen Slinker: 300 HP, regenerates HP when not engaged
  • Bomb Goob: 250 HP, throws bombs
  • Bomb Hammer: 350 HP, throws bombs
  • Bomb Oozer: 250 HP, throws bombs

Can I find Rare Ghosts in Story Mode?

No. Rare Ghosts can only be found on the fifth floor of the Scarescraper and are not available anywhere else in the game.

What do I get for capturing all the Rare Ghosts?

There, unfortunately, is no special reward for capturing all the Rare Ghosts except the joy of having your Gallery completed. There is an in-game achievement for capturing a total of 40 Rare Ghosts, but it doesn't give you any special rewards like collecting all the gems will.

But if you're trying your best to finish your entire ghost collection, you'll need to be the one to suck up all nine Rare Ghosts, which likely means you'll be making multiple trips to the Scarescraper. Good luck, Luigi!

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