Arlo CameraSource: Arlo Technologies, Inc.

What you need to know

  • Arlo has unveiled two brand new smart home accessories at CES 2021.
  • There's a new Essential Indoor Camera and a Touchless Video Doorbell.

At CES 2021, Arlo unveiled two brand new smart home accessories, netting two CES Innovation Awards in the Smart Home category in the process.

First up, there's Arlo's brand new Essential Indoor Camera. Featuring a new "easy-to-control, automated privacy shield", the Essential Indoor Camera will allow families to choose exactly when the camera is monitoring and recording, for total peace of mind when it comes to privacy. Placing the new privacy shield into 'disarm mode' will halt recording, motion, and audio detection until the shield is opened again via Arlo's app. The privacy shield can also be set to open automatically and will start recording if you begin a live stream or switch the camera back to arm mode. Arlo says this will put "the power in the hands of the users" letting them choose exactly when the camera is monitoring and when it isn't.

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Alongside the new Indoor Camera is a brand new Touchless Video Doorbell. Inspired by 2020 and the era of COVId-19, Arlo says the new Touchless Video Doorbell was created to limit the interaction of guests and delivery personnel with "communal points of contact" whilst keeping your home safe.

It uses precise Proximity Sensing Technology to gauge a visitor's distance, zeroing in on a visitor as they approach. Once detected, the doorbell will chime inside and outside to let both visitors and homeowner know the doorbell has been rung before they've had a chance to touch it.

Arlo says that additional details about its award-winning new accessories (such as the price) will be shared closer to the launch date, which as yet has not been revealed.