AT&T: No pre-order, no iPhone 4 until June 29

Sorry everyone who didn't -- or couldn't -- pre-order and iPhone 4 from AT&T last week, there'll be no extra stock in stores and so AT&T won't have any to sell you until June 29. Here's the salient bit:

iPhone 4 pre-order sales on June 15 were 10-times higher than the first day of pre-ordering for the iPhone 3GS last year. Demand is simply unprecedented. We're thrilled to see the excitement around iPhone 4 and are committed to helping as many customers as quickly as we can. As we said last week, we're committed to fulfilling preorders first – and are on track to do so. Here is an update that we just posted:AT&T is on-track to deliver iPhone 4 to customers who preordered the device on June 15. We look forward to offering iPhone 4 to all other customers beginning Tuesday, June 29, when it goes on sale in all AT&T sales channels.

Just to torment you further, they'll be posting helpful videos of what you might not be able to get on their Facebook page. Fiends.

Were you planning to camp out in front of an AT&T store Wednesday night? What are you going to do now?


Rene Ritchie

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  • I planned on getting there at around 2-3 am. So much for that, I just went on and pre ordered. I am sick of the run around, just going to be patient and wait for it ti come in the mail. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that it comes a few days early like the first round seems to be.
  • I'll wait till the 29th like everyone else only to be told on the 27th that Ill have to wait till the 15th of July at which time I'll be notified to come back in august.
  • Sucks, maybe walmart best buy camp out?!
  • what about the white iphones are they gona be on sale on the 29th to? everyones forgeting about the WHITE IPHONES!
  • Only ladies care about white iPhones. Any male that gets a white iPhone needs to turn in his man card.
  • hahaha ths wat i usta say but im tird of black iv had 2 black iphones n i want somethng difrnt ant white is the only other option other thn putn a case on it wtch i dnt like 2 do
  • Wow, glad I decided to pre-order this year instead of waiting in line at AT&T.
  • I feel bad for that guy that's been waiting since last Friday. Lolz
  • Well F this years iPhone then....guess I will just stick to my 3GS for another year. Only reason I would pay the higher upgrade price is if I could get it on day one (god damn pre-ordering clusterfrak). Otherwise its pointless.
  • so this is only for at&t, does that mean its still worth a shot to camp out at radioshack or best buy or walmart?
  • What about people like me who got a confirmed pre-order on June 16th?
  • I have to get mine from AT&T to get the right price b/c my account is not showing it correctly. I guess I'll just cry for awhile and wait for the white one.
  • it sounds like classic bait & switch guess ALOT of black ones will be for sale online as soon as the white ones hit.
  • I pre ordered mine from Best Buy, but being told they're not getting any on launch day. I wouldn't bother camping out anywhere.
  • This definitely ruined my week.. We can't control or ability to preorder, but atleast we could control our level of want for the device enough to wait outside to get the device. I'm going to reconsider my iOS VS. Android.
  • I'm still waiting for word on the white iPhone, and my patience is growing thin. Good thing I have OS 4 for my white 3GS, at least.
  • I wonder what the sales would have been if AT&T didn't make all those extra people eligible for upgrades early. I wonder if people like me who waited since March to upgrade legitimately would have been able to preorder one or at least get one in the store.
    Pretty crummy thing to do to a 10+ year customer AT&T.
  • Just called Best Buy and this is what info i got: If you didnt preorder it from Best Buy then there is no way to get it from any of their stores on launch day. However, if you decide to wait in line, youll be waiting to get on a "waiting list" which is for the next shipment of iPhones which the associate said will be in a few days after launch. So in terms of Best Buy if you didnt preorder it you can camp out for a waiting list which is kind of retarded but depends how bad youw ant the phone. I also called Walmart and they said that they did not do any preorders, its a first come first serve basis on launch day, but she would not say how many they would have in stock only that they were "limited". This is all out of Orlando, FL. Hope that helped.
  • Yea my patience is growing thin as well =/ It's just a bummer. If anyone could say wether or not Apple will have iPhone 4 for walk-in, it would definitely make things a little better. Overall I'm just frustrated, but hey it's in very high demand.. We'll see..
  • I have a bit of a dilemma...I was the 2nd pre-order (32GB) at my local Best Buy on the 15th but won't be able to pick it up on launch day. I'll be able to get to the store on Friday when I get back in town. Am I screwed as far as the store selling the phone to someone else?
  • Wait. I pre ordered mine on the morning of June 16th and got a pre order conformation email. Was that just BS?
  • BrileyPkwy, you are definitely screwed. That phone is going to someone else if you aren't there to get it. I don't know if Bestbuy is going to bump you from the list or not though (doesn't seem to be any info on it that I could google). Apple definitely does.
  • Redshirt, thanks for the reply and thats kinda what I figured would happen. I knew Apple's policy but wasn't sure what Best Buy would do in the same situation. Oh well, at least a portion of the phone is paid for whenever I can actually get one. This 3G is looking more extinct by the day. :(
  • EVERYONE seems to be using "pre-order" and "reservation" mixed up. Pre ordering got u the device shipped to ur house on launch day (earlier now). Reserving a phone meant u had to show up to get it, and even then the fine print explaned a RESERVATiON was not a gaurentee ud even get one, let alone launch day. I always pre order mine straight from apple to get shipped to my house. I don't see the reasoning behind willingly standing in a long, crowded line. When Apples servers went down at 4 am, I could order fine thru Att, but I simply do not trust them. So I spent 5 hrs reloading my order on apples site before it went thru. I advise everyone not to buy anything from second hand vendors of these phones. All the best buys and walmarts in my area had no idea what they were talking about as far as iPhone 4 goes.
  • Grammer got a lil messed up, but u get the point. Pre orders and reservations are 2 different things
  • My plan was that if Best Buy didn't call me by close of business tomorrow that I would get my butt to an Apple store and stand in line to get one that I "reserved" knowing full well that it's no guarantee that I would even get one. I took the morning off work on Thurs......just in case.
  • any idea what time they will go on sale at walmart? mine ships on july 2nd, so i may head there and about scoring one on thursday.
  • Prob 7 am. My local walmart told me they had 1 for sale.
  • LOL at a couple of things in this thread. First of all, at the guy who wouldn't go to ATT and would rather go to a're an idiot. As an RSC at a COR ATT store, you have no idea how many accounts we fix for customers who do upgrades, change features, rate plans, etc. at other retailers. Secondly, there WILL be stock on launch at ATT stores. This is rediculous speculation that everyone is buying into. The entire staff of my store as well as every store in the area is scheduled from 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM. For no reason I suppose, LOL.
  • Yeah I called customer service and this is bull. Get facts straight tipb
  • im calling my att tomorrow to make sure this is bull had my damn heart pumping TIPB lol
  • It's up on a lot of credible blogs and forums. It's unfortunate, but they definitely wouldn't state something as a fact as opposed to rumor/speculation. I would love to hear otherwise though. Hopefully someone can provide proof that this is indeed false.
    Oh, I called my local flagship AT&T store and they confirmed this is true. SMH..
  • I had the call from my Local best buy this afternoon and I'm going to get my phone on launch day at 10am ... And I know that whoever didn't reserved one at best buy isn't getting one until all the reservations r taken care of.... And more thing , best buy isn't getting any white phones ... So if u reserved a white one u might wanna weight in the wait until they get it or just gtting a black one on launch day
  • I'm still going early morning on launch day before my local AT&T opens. I'm not buying into their classic case of bait & switch. (Business classes do come in handy. Lol)
  • Will apple stores have walk-ins? I'll go like.. Right now.
  • Yes Apple stores will have "limited stock" for walk-ins on launch day. Read their website, sheesh.
  • well that sucks just called my att and it is true they are only going to have iphones on the 24th for pre orders then on the 29th is when you can walk in
  • well nvm now lol. called again spoke to managaer told the guy everything i heard and how i plan to camp and he said they did have walkins now im nervousi think imma go in and ask
  • They better have them at the store. I will hunt down every big box store if I have to.
  • OMG that's my birthday! I requested tomorrow off to try and get my paws on one and now my employer is denying my request for my birthday/my next chance to grab one! =(
  • I got my 3GS on May 14th, so I was suppose to be able to pre-order that first week only, but since I could not the store told me not to worry we will contact you. Now, the store calls me today and I have to come to the store on the 29th to order. WTF ... really ... on the same first day everyone else is gonna go. I might go to the mall where the Apple Store is instead, cause most people already in line getting them there today. So that AT&T store should be clear just for people like me who HAVE TO go there. It is not like he even said I can get it, he said "order". LOL
  • I absolutely HATE I mean really HATE this code signing BS!!!! It' more confusing then making an app!! I could install my app to the iPhone just fine two days ago, today out of the blue it gave the code sign error, this isn't the first time it happens, in the passed, I just went through the painful process to get a new profile then it worked, but not today. I spent a good four hours tried to get a new profile to no avail. This is so BS from Apple. For this I can strangle!!! who ever idoit at Apple came up with this crappy idea!!!
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