ATT Suspends iphone 4 orders

Sorry everyone who didn't -- or couldn't -- pre-order and iPhone 4 from AT&T last week, there'll be no extra stock in stores and so AT&T won't have any to sell you until June 29. Here's the salient bit:

iPhone 4 pre-order sales on June 15 were 10-times higher than the first day of pre-ordering for the iPhone 3GS last year. Demand is simply unprecedented. We're thrilled to see the excitement around iPhone 4 and are committed to helping as many customers as quickly as we can. As we said last week, we're committed to fulfilling preorders first – and are on track to do so. Here is an update that we just posted:

AT&T is on-track to deliver iPhone 4 to customers who preordered the device on June 15. We look forward to offering iPhone 4 to all other customers beginning Tuesday, June 29, when it goes on sale in all AT&T sales channels.

Just to torment you further, they'll be posting helpful videos of what you might not be able to get on their Facebook page. Fiends.

Were you planning to camp out in front of an AT&T store Wednesday night? What are you going to do now?