Audible will stop working with Sonos next week, support to return in future

Sonos has begun alerting users that a software update that will be pushed out next week will break support for listening to Audible audiobooks on their Sonos systems. In an email sent out to users, Sonos apologized for the problem, noting that it is working with Audible to implement audiobook streaming in a future update, but the update due next week will break compatibility with downloaded audiobooks for the time being. From Sonos:

We realize this is frustrating. It frustrates us, too. When we originally added support for Audible, the world was all about downloads. Today, Sonos and Audible believe streaming offers a better listening experience on Sonos. But before Sonos and Audible were able to work together to implement streaming, several pieces of code in this update broke compatibility with the older format found in Audible downloads.

While it's a pain to deal with for avid Audible listeners in the short-term, Sonos is quick to point out that it is working with Audible to bring a "new and improved way of streaming" audiobooks from the service in the future. Over on its blog, Sonos notes that, starting now, users won't be able to add an Audible account to their Sonos system, and current users will lose support when the software update drops next week.

Source: Sonos

Dan Thorp-Lancaster