Sonos Move vs. Bose Portable Smart Speaker: Which should you buy?

Bose Portable Smart Speaker on a table outdoors
Bose Portable Smart Speaker on a table outdoors (Image credit: Bose)

They may look similar, but choosing between the Sonos Move vs. Bose's Portable Smart Home Speaker depends on convenience and compatibility with Apple Music. The Sonos Move includes just a few of these extras that we believe makes it the best for most.

If you want a portable speaker that offers great sound, weather resistance, long battery life, customizable voice controls, and support for all of the major music services, then the Move is the one for you. If you value portability and price, then the Bose Portable Smart Speaker may be a better fit. This speaker is slimmer, weighs less, and is easier on the wallet, but lacks extras like an included charging dock and support for Apple Music.

Portable power in smart home speakers

Sonos Move speaker on a table indoors

Sonos Move speaker on a table indoors (Image credit: Sonos)

Both the Sonos Move and Bose Portable Smart Speaker have a wide range of features that makes each a fantastic choice for tunes in and around the home. Both speakers sport weather resistance and operate completely wireless with built-in rechargeable batteries, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Each speaker can keep the tunes flowing for hours at a time without the cord, and they both can be used around water and in dusty areas.

Break it down now...

While slightly different in their delivery, both options support whole-home audio, which keeps everything in-sync as you move from room to room, and grouping, which allows them to work with other speakers creating a more immersive experience. For smart controls, both of these speakers allow you to choose which voice assistant to use, either Amazon's Alexa, or the Google Assistant, and they also work with Apple's AirPlay 2 technology.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Sonos MoveBose Portable Smart Speaker
Size9.44" x 6.29" x 4.96"7.54" x 4.69" x 4.09"
FinishesBlack, WhiteBlack, Silver
Weather ResistanceYes (IP 56)Yes (IPX4)
Built-in batteryYes (11 hours)Yes (12 hours)
Charging DockYes (Included)Yes (Not Included)
HandleYes (Integrated)Yes (Flip-up)
Wall mountableNoNo
AirPlay 2YesYes
Multi-room audioYes (Sonos, AirPlay 2)Yes (Bose, AirPlay 2)
Audio outNoNo
Voice controlsYes (Alexa, Google)Yes (Alexa, Google)
Smart home controlsYes (Alexa, Google)Yes (Alexa, Google)

Convenience and compatibility

Sonos Move speaker being removed from a charging dock

Sonos Move speaker being removed from a charging dock (Image credit: Sonos)

As you can see, the Sonos Move, while more expensive, has a couple of key features that make it an overall better experience. The included wireless charging dock makes topping off the speaker easy, and more importantly, since you don't have to worry about a cable, you can just grab it and go whenever you desire.

On the go, the Move gets 11 hours of battery, and it works with Bluetooth allowing all of your friends and family to direct what is playing. Plus, the Sonos Move is the only portable speaker that supports Apple Music, so if you rely on Apple's service for your tunes, then the Move is the way to go.

More portable, more battery

Bose Portable Smart Speaker carried outdoors

Bose Portable Smart Speaker carried outdoors (Image credit: Bose)

At almost half the weight, and with a slimmer profile with a more traditional handle, Bose's speaker is easier to throw into a bag. The speaker is also much lighter in price, and its battery lasts an hour longer than the Move. Although it may not have Apple Music baked-in, or have a fancy charging dock in the box, it is almost as capable as the Move. With whole-home audio, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, and 360-degree Bose sound, this speaker has plenty to enjoy.

Which should you buy Sonos One or the Bose Portable Smart Speaker?

If price and portability are the most important factors to you, then go with the Bose Portable Smart Speaker. Bose's speaker is lighter, cheaper, and eeks out an additional hour of battery. However, the Sonos Move, with its slick charging dock, compatibility with all of the most popular music services, and of course, great sound, makes it a speaker that can suit the needs of almost everyone.

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