New Sonos Era smart speakers leak — and show stiff competition for HomePod 2

Sonos Era 300
(Image credit: Sonos)

Sonos' latest smart speakers, the Era 100 and Era 300, appear to have leaked online, with pictures and features sets of the new wireless models circulating online. These latest speakers come just after the unveiling of Apple's new HomePod 2, and seem to have some extra features that Cupertino's latest smart speaker doesn't have, as well as a new focus that seems directed firmly at the Apple speaker.

These leaks, first appearing on The Verge, are unconfirmed as yet, and Sonos is yet to comment as to whether they are accurate.

Spatial audio for Sonos

The Sonos Era 100 seems likely to replace the Sonos One at $250, while the Sonos 300 slots into a new premium bracket for Sonos, with an expected price of $450.

Immersive audio looks set to be high on the agenda for the new Sonos gear. One of the key parts of Apple's smart speaker range has always been the implementation of Spatial Audio. The new large Sonos 300 is likely to be "designed to focus on Spatial audio and immersive, room-filling sound" according to The Verge report, with the company seemingly squaring up to directly compete with Apple in this regard.

The Sonos Era 100 likely won't feature this Spatial Audio focus, however, with up-firing drivers. Both speakers are reported to feature Bluetooth connection, as well as a USB-C line in connection. This could mean that you'll be able to run hi-fi equipment like a turntable through the speakers, which makes me very excited. The report continues that you'll be able to use Amazon Music unlimited alongside other streaming services — though the continued legal troubles between Google and Sonos could mean that Google's voice-activated Assistant won't feature. It is expected instead that Sonos Voice Control and Amazon's Alexa will be available.

Those prices are interesting, and place the Sonos Era 100 directly in the firing line of the HomePod 2. You won't get Spatial Audio with the Sonos 100 by the looks of things, but you will get more connection options and a potentially less obtrusive design to go with better non-Apple compatibility.

Whether these leaks hold any weight we'll soon see – according to leak, the expected release date is some time in March. Once we have them in hand we'll be able to compare them to the HomePod 2. It'll make for an interesting battle for your ears.

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