This Autonomous standing desk keeps me from getting stiff when I work from home

Autonomous SmartDesk 2
Autonomous SmartDesk 2 (Image credit: iMore)

Autonomous SmartDesk 2

Autonomous SmartDesk 2 (Image credit: iMore)

As someone that's been working from home for the past 10 years, I've slowly upgraded my office with nearly everything I need to be comfortable, but stay productive, and one of the best things I've added to my home office is a standing desk.

Autonomous makes seriously high-quality office furniture at a reasonable price. For the stability and quality in these desks, you would usually see prices at about $100 - $150 higher than Autonomous.

Height adjustability is important, so when you're looking for the right standing desk, whichever brand you choose, make sure that the lowest and highest height range works for your size. If you're on the shorter side, say about 5' 4" or shorter, try to get a standing desk that goes as low as 27 inches (unless you plan to put a keyboard mount underneath the desk). If you're on the tall side, make sure the highest height is tall enough that you won't have to hunch over while standing (remember that it only has to go as high as where your arms rest at a 45-degree angle). If you fit into the shorter or taller range, Autonomous' Business Edition standing desk is perfect for you.

Another thing to keep an eye out for when shopping for a standing desk is stability. Usually, desks with a bar across the middle will have better stability when you type. If the frame mounts to the tabletop with just a t-shape on each side, you may notice a lot of jiggling while you type while in the standing position.

Motor speed and loudness are also important, though somewhat less so than the other factors because you won't be raising and lowering the desk all day long. A strong, healthy motor will be quiet enough to not get above about 60 dB when raising or lowering.

Autonomous' Edition Hybrid Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk comes in bamboo, walnut, or white tabletop with black or gray legs. It has four programable heights, so you can set a sit position and a stand position for yourself and another person, or just set four options for yourself, depending on where you want your keyboard to sit.

Speaking from experience, I've been much more productive later in the day thanks to having a standing desk. My legs don't stiffen up as much, my tailbone doesn't hurt, and I feel better about having position options while still being able to work.

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