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What you need to know

  • Aviary is a great new Twitter app.
  • It's available for iPhone and iPad right now.
  • The app is available in the App Store for $4.99.

With the recent release of iOS 14 we've seen a ton of app updates but Aviary is different. It's a brand new app and it's designed with iOS 14 in mind. That means that it brings the new features you'd expect from a modern iPhone and iPad app, complete with Home screen widgets.

Those widgets are surprisingly powerful as well. I've been testing Aviary over the last couple of months and having an up-to-date stream of tweets on my Home screen is something that you'll either love or hate. But the fact the option is there at all is testament to iOS 14's new feature and Aviary itself.

Aviary Twitter On DevicesSource: Aviary app

Of course, none of this would matter if Aviary was a bad Twitter app. Thankfully, that's far from the case. With enough settings to change the look and feel of the app to satisfy this picky former Tweetbot user, Aviary is more than enough Twitter app for pretty much everyone. The iPad version supports iPadOS 14's fancy three-column layout, too.

Aviary's notable features include:

  • Browse Twitter in chronological order without the distractions of promoted tweets or ads
  • Beautiful iOS-centric UI
  • Universal app (one-time purchase to get it on iPhone, iPad, Watch, and Mac)
  • Widgets to display timeline feeds and latest tweets on your home screen
  • Multiple columns on iPad that can be tweaked to display the content (and amount of columns) that suit your browsing preferences
  • Compose tweets with media, GIFs, ASCII character faces, drawings, and more
  • Powerful tweet filters (words, hashtags, users, media, quoted content, retweets, tweets above or below certain thresholds, regular expressions, and more)

All of this, for iPhone and iPad, for just $4.99? That's a bargain in anyone's book and you can download Aviary from the App Store right now.

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