Awair launches Glow C, an air quality monitor that doubles as a smart plug

Awair Glow C in nursery

Air quality in our homes is something that we may not always think about, but it has a big impact on our overall health. Awair has created several intelligent air quality monitors for homes and businesses in the past, but their latest product, the Glow C, doubles as a smart plug. The Glow C is a great pairing for non-smart humidifiers or purifiers, as the Glow C can prompt those devices to react to changes in indoor air quality.

With the Glow C, consumers are able to get real-time insight on the air quality that exists inside their home, and then immediately take action to improve the overall health of their space. And if you're worried about the Glow C standing out like a sore thumb, fret not! It has a classic and clean design that blends in seamlessly with your home. To give consumers a touch of personalization, the Glow C can be customized by the LED light color, hue, and even motion settings of the device, turning it into your own night light.

Awair Glow C with humidifier

The Glow C is able to keep track of three key factors that impact air quality: chemicals (VOCs), temperature, and humidity. The light on the Glow C is designed to tell you the status of the air quality with a single glance: green for good, yellow indicating fair, and red is poor. With this in mind, Glow C will track the level changes for these three factors over time, and if the quality becomes too unhealthy, it will automatically turn on any connected "non-smart" devices as needed.

For example, if the temperature is too high, it will turn on a connected fan that is plugged into the smart plug. If the chemical level is too high, it'll turn on the air purifier to clean the air. You get the idea.

Users are able to schedule when Glow C should react to air quality readings and even when to conserve energy by customizing device preferences with the Awair app. The app also gives you a numeric score, so it's easy to interpret readings and take action. It also learns from its user's habits and lifestyle preferences, providing recommendations based on what was indicated as important to you.

It is also fully compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT. Users of the Glow C will also be able to customize their light settings to align with their own preferences and color palette. The built-in motion sensor can illuminate the light and alert the user via push notification when there is detected movement in the house.

Awair's Glow C is available on at a launch price of $75.

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