BeatsX vs. Powerbeats3: Which should you buy?

The similarities between the BeatsX and Powerbeats3 headphones far outweigh the differences. Both pairs of headphones are equipped with the W1 chip, making the pairing process between your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and your headphones as seamless as possible, and both pairs of headphones even often different sizes of ear tip in the box so you can achieve the best fit possible.

When it comes to controlling the playback, the BeatsX and Powerbeats3 both have inline controls to pause/play and deal with volume control. Plus, both headphones come equipped with a mic for taking calls or using Siri.

A quick breakdown of the differences

The few key differences come down to battery life and charge time. While the BeatsX only has a quoted battery life of eight hours, it does get more playback time out of a quick five minutes of charging than the Powerbeats3 will. Plus, it's important to note that the Powerbeats3 come with a microUSB charging cable rather than a Lightning cable like the BeatsX, meaning you'll have to carry around an extra cord while you're on the go.

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Header Cell - Column 0 BeatsXPowerbeats3
Price$99From $120
Battery life8 hours12 hours
W1 connectionYes, after power onYes, after power on
Fast Fuel5 mins = 2 hours5 mins = 1 hour
Custom fitYesYes
Charging cableLightningmicroUSB
Sweat resistantNoYes
SiriSiri with RemoteTalkSiri with RemoteTalk

Frankly, the BeatsX and Powerbeats3 are so similar, that you could go with either option. The battery life is definitely something to consider, as on average, you will receive more time on the 12-hour battery of the Powerbeats3, even with the fast top-up capabilities of the BeatsX.

If you need a pair of earbuds that fit well, have some solid noise isolation, and aren't too worried about getting them sweaty, then the BeatsX will do you just fine. Of course, if you plan on working out a lot and need a product that's not going to crap out on you every time you hit the gym, the Powerbeats3 offers everything the BeatsX can and more.

Go for BeatsX if you want to spend less

The bottom line is you have to decide if the mild water resistance, the lighter neck cord, and all-around comfort the Powerbeats3 give you at the gym are worth an extra $20 because the BeatsX does a fantastic job of providing a similar experience for less.

Water resistance plus a longer battery might outweigh the lower price

However, if you plan on working out or are worried about getting the BeatsX wet, you might want to consider shelling out the extra money for the Powerbeats3.

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