Bellroy Phone Case - 3 Card for iPhone XS review: Class and convenience

Bellroy Phone Case - 3 Card
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Bellroy's Phone Case - 3 Card for iPhone XS packs a ton of functionality into a low-profile, classy case. While it's not terribly bulky, it can hold up to three cards, a SIM tool, and a SIM card. It also has a built-in kickstand, so you can watch videos on your phone. With a premium leather back and polymer protective bumper, there is a lot to love about this case.

The Good

  • Premium leather
  • Protective
  • Holds up to three cards
  • Holds SIM tool and SIM card
  • Professional-looking
  • Kickstand for video viewing

The Bad

  • Pricey
  • Last card can be hard to remove

Elegant and functional

Bellroy Phone Case - 3 Card: What I like

Bellroy's products are consistently high-quality goods, crafted from premium materials, and this case is no exception. The back of the case is a soft leather. Soft microfiber lines the inside of the case, where you'll find slots devoted to a SIM tool and SIM card.

Flip open the compartment on the back of the case, and you can put up to three credit cards, ID cards, or a bit of cash in there. The cards never contact your phone directly; they are surrounded by microfiber on both sides. While the compartment door is open, use it as a kickstand and watch videos. Flip the compartment closed, and the magnetic closure makes a satisfying snap.

The bumper is a flex polymer with chamfered edges. Those edges come up just over the edge of your phone's screen, so if you set your phone screen down on a table, your screen won't contact the table.

There are precision cut-outs for the camera, Mute switch, and all of the iPhone's buttons. The entire bottom of the case is cut out to allow unfettered access to the Lightning port and speakers. Wireless charging still works with this case on your iPhone, although not if the wallet portion is full of cards.

You can buy this case the iPhone X/XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max in Black, Navy, Stone, Coral, and Graphite. It's also still available for the iPhone 7/8 at a lower price and slightly different color selection.

Not inexpensive

Bellroy Phone Case - 3 Card: What I don't like

The price tag isn't cheap by any measure, though you do get a lot for your money. If I have any other complaints, it's just that the last credit card can take a few seconds to get out. The microfiber on both sides adds friction so it doesn't just slide out.

Great leather wallet iPhone case

Bellroy Phone Case - 3 Card: Bottom line

This is an attractive, professional-looking, protective case made from premium materials. It holds up to three cards, a SIM tool, and a SIM card. The wallet compartment lid can also be used a kickstand. It snaps shut securely and magnetically when not in use. You cannot go wrong with this beautiful case from Bellroy.

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