Best August Smart Locks and Accessories iMore 2022

August, Inc. is a big player in the smart home market thanks to its lineup of smart locks and accessories. Based in San Francisco, California, the company was purchased by Swedish lock manufacturer Assa Abloy in 2017. Since then, it has continued to add new products to its lineup and the best August Smart Locks are even some of the best HomeKit Door Locks.

August Wifi Smart Lock

No connect bridge needed: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

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The newest model from August is unique because it connects directly to your Wi-Fi, meaning you don't need the Connect Bridge to control it. Just take it out f the box, set it up, and you're good to go. Of course, it has all the features you expect, fully control from your smartphone, and easily give access to your friends and family as needed.

$209 at Amazon
August Smart Lock Pro

Total control: Smart Lock Pro (3rd gen) with Connect Hub

The August Smart Lock Pro allows you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world when paired with the August Wi-Fi Bridge. With the free August app, you can also assign secure access. The lock works with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Additional features include the ability to lock/unlock automatically based on your current location, two-factor authentication, two-layer encryption, and a lost phone tool.

$178 at Amazon
August Smart Lock - Keyless Home Entry

Economic choice: Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is similar to the Pro version except that the former doesn't offer Z-Wave Plus support, nor does it work with Apple HomeKit, or any of the before mentioned voice assistants. Beyond this, the device provides the same features as the more expensive Pro model. Like with that model, you'll need to purchase a separate Wi-Fi Bridge to access your lock from anywhere in the world.

$118 at Amazon
august connect wi-fi bridge

Must-have accessory: Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

Packaged with or without one of the August locks, the Connect Wi-Bridge Bridge adds remote capabilities, allowing you to lock and unlock your August Smart Lock from anywhere. The Connect bridge is also required to let friends, family, and home service in from afar. You need a Connect bridge for every lock in your home if you want remote access.

$73 at Amazon
August View Wireless Doorbell Camera

Say cheese!: Wireless Doorbell Camera

Answer your door from anywhere with August View. Wire-free, the doorbell camera using a sensor to stream video of your doorstep to your phone. With the two-way audio, you can talk to the person at the door too.

$230 at August
August Home Smart Keypad

Great add-on: Smart Keypad

Would you rather use security codes to unlock your door? Here's the accessory that makes it possible to open your August Smart Lock without a traditional key or phone. Think of it as old school meets new school.

$60 at Amazon

For added protection

Smart locks provide a valuable service for homeowners and renters alike — especially if you want to start building out an entire home automation system. When added to smart cameras, you can see who's at the door before opening it remotely. For more flexibility, be sure to purchase an August Wi-Fi Bridge so you can control your door locks from anywhere.

For most users, we recommend the August Smart Lock Pro alongside the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. Buy them together to save money, then use the savings on one of the Smart Keypads. Anyway, you can't go wrong when trying to protect your home.

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