Best bands for the gold Apple Watch Sport

You bought the new gold aluminum Apple Watch Series 4, so you're into keeping active while making walkie-talkie calls, monitoring your heart rate, and being super sophisticated and stylish.

Or maybe you have an older model of gold Apple Watch and have been on the hunt for the perfect band for a while. Never fear! iMore's here!

Not just any band goes with a gold Apple Watch, so we've rounded up the best of the best just for you. (Aren't you special?)

Milanese Miracle

OULEDI Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

OULEDI makes some gorgeous Milanese Loop-style bands that are guaranteed to match the color of your gold Apple Watch (or any other color of Apple Watch, really). These bands are flexible, comfortable, and especially easy to put on and take off, thanks to the fold-over clasp design.

$11 at Amazon

Li'l bit of Leather Luxury

Mkeke Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band

When you think of sophistication, do you picture lush leather armchairs overlooking a fireplace with a snifter of brandy sitting on a shelf filled with old books? Then you would love a leather band for your gold Apple Watch. They're made of genuine leather and are soft on the inside, offering premium comfort and minimal bulk, thanks to their low-profile design.

$11 - $12 at Amazon

All that Glitters is Gold

UMTELE Gold Metal Butterfly Clasp Band

So you have your gold Apple Watch: now you need a band that really matches. The UMTELE Gold Metal Butterfly Clasp Band is an easy-to-install, jaw-dropping gold band that fits your Apple Watch Series 4 effortlessly. The band isn't super simple to adjust for wrist size due to its butterfly clasp, but it is possible to have links removed to make it smaller. The band is super thin, so despite how heavy and expensive it looks, it'll sit softly on your wrist.

$14 at Amazon

Double the Tour, Double the Fun

V-Moro Double Tour

For inexpensive Double Tour bands, check out V-Moro's bands, which are available for the 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm Apple Watches. They're made from genuine leather, come in a variety of colors, and look elegant when they need to and casual when they don't. If you're looking for an all-the-time style, check these out. Make sure you choose the correct size before checking out!

$17 at Amazon

Join the Dark Side

Apple Space Black Milanese Loop

Apple's Milanese Loop in Space Black is the perfect contrast to your gold Apple Watch. It whispers sophistication and mystery, while offering a dark accent to the lighter gold aluminum body of your watch. When Apple says "Space Black," they're not kidding — this band is black. The Milanese Loop was created around the end of the 19th century and Apple has modernized it to be fully magnetic to ensure a secure and comfortable fit with no buckles required!

$150 at Apple

Best of both (gold) Worlds

Wearlizer Rose gold + Gold Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

Add a little hint of rose gold to your gold Apple Watch game with some help from the Wearlizer Rose gold + Gold Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band! This particular band is a highly-rated favorite on Amazon and is made from a top- quality stainless steel metal that's combined with eye-catching resin for a really stylish band. There are also plenty of cool gold color combinations, including gold with tortoise and champagne gold.

$27 at Amazon

Lovely n' Leather

Covery leather band

Covery's leather band gold color option pairs perfectly with the gold Apple Watch. It's a light, subtle color that could almost be mistaken for an off-white. It comes in sizes for both the 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm Apple Watches, and you get an 18-month warranty in case there are any defects. Covery promises that this is genuine leather, and starting at $10, that's a hell of a deal. Just make sure you choose the correct size before checkout.

$11 at Amazon

Leather lasts, y'know...

JSGJMY leather loop

JSGJMY's leather loop is only available for the 38mm Apple Watch, but it pairs perfectly, even featuring a gold buckle against its chocolatey brown color. This is a soft leather band that JSGJMY promises will be incredibly comfortable, and it should develop a lovely patina over time.

$16 at Amazon

Sporty and Stylish (all at once)

iGK Soft Silicone Sport Band

If you're looking for the perfect band to work out with that will also look sharp and sleek on your wrist, you should take a peek at the iGK Soft Silicone Sport Band. This affordable band is made from a lightweight, soft, flexible silicone, making it perfect for sensitive skin. It's easy to clean and comes in a variety of eye-catching colors, but the wine red color is our favorite to pair with your gold Apple Watch.

$7 at Amazon

Gold, glitter, glam

fastgo Vintage Classy Stainless Steel Beaded Band

Maybe you're someone who's sick of traditional Apple Watch bands: and who could blame you? They all start to blur together after a bit, but not the fastgo Vintage Classy Stainless Steel Beaded Band! This highly-rated band is a bit more formal and stylish than your typical Apple Watch band as it uses a beaded clasp of sorts to adjust around your wrist. This band turns your gold Apple Watch into more of a piece of jewellery that a techy wearable, so if you like a more formal look, check out the fastgo Vintage Classy Stainless Steel Beaded Band.

$29 at Amazon

Do you have a kick-ass band that you love to pair with your gold Apple Watch? Maybe there's a band on here that caught your eye that you'll be ordering ASAP? Whatever the case is, good luck on your quest to find the ultimate band for your gold Apple Watch!

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