Best Bands for the Gold Apple Watch iMore 2021

While most people opt for the more neutral options, the Gold Apple Watch is definitely the one that sets you apart from the crowd, whether you choose aluminum or stainless steel versions. However, choosing from amongst the best Apple Watch bands to find ones that go with the gold color can be a little tougher than the other options. Fortunately, we've got your back. Here are the best gold Apple Watch bands.

Nomad Modern Strap Gold

Stylish leather: Nomad Modern Strap with Gold Hardware

Staff Favorite

Nomad's Modern Strap is made of genuine Horween leather that is high quality and develops a fine patina over time, which gives the strap a lustrous sheen. The strap's gold hardware will go perfectly with your gold Apple Watch as well.

Apple Midnight Blue Sport Loop

Classy contrast: Apple Deep Navy Sport Band

All of Apple's Sport Bands look nice, but one of the best pairings with a gold Apple Watch is this Deep Navy. The original gold aluminum Apple Watch was being sold with a similar Midnight Blue band, so even Apple thought it was in excellent taste. The navy blue color provides an excellent contrast with the gold, making it a great pairing. Unfortunately, the Sport Band only comes with the silver pin enclosure instead of the gold, but the rest of the band still works well.

$49 at Apple
IYOU Sport Band Wine Red

Like a fine wine: IYOU Sport Band in Wine Red

Another color that goes great with a Gold Apple Watch is burgundy, and this Wine Red option from IYOU is a good one. Its band replicas are made of soft and comfortable silicone, and it comes with the same pin-and-tuck closure that we know from original Apple Sport Bands. The IYOU band comes in a ton of colors, including this fantastic Wine Red, and is also a fraction of the cost of Apple's.

$6 at Amazon
SWEES Compatible for Apple Watch Band

Classic and subtle leather: SWEES Classic Brown Leather Strap

Nothing goes better together than gold and brown. This leather strap from SWEES is made from premium, fine grain leather that is comfortable, anti-slip, and even sweat-absorbent so that you can work out with it. The stainless steel connectors have gold hardware so that it will go well with your gold Apple Watch. Several other browns are offered for this strap that go well, such as Cognac Brown, or you can go with Champagne or Beige too.

$13 at Amazon
OUHENG Leather Rubber Hybrid Gold

Comfortable leather: OUHENG Genuine Leather and Rubber Hybrid Band

This unique leather and rubber hybrid band from OUHENG is comfortable and supposedly sweatproof, so you can work out with ease while wearing it. The exterior is leather, while the inside of the strap is silicone rubber. It comes in several colors with gold hardware, and the color combination itself is a nice contrast.

$13 at Amazon
Apple Watch Gold Leather Loop Peacock

Loop that leather: Apple Leather Loop in Peacock

If the high price tag doesn't scare you off, you can't go wrong with the Apple Leather Loop. This Italian leather is delicately milled and tumbled to get the perfect pebble texture, and the magnets in the quilted leather give you a precise and perfect fit. The Peacock color goes perfectly with the gold Apple Watch, and it's so comfortable, you won't want to take it off.

$99 at Amazon
Wearlizer Apple Watch Band Gold Silver Render Croppe

Turn your watch into jewelry: Wearlizer X-Link Rhinestone Band

This bracelet strap turns your Apple Watch into a fine piece of jewelry for a night out. The metal bracelet has rhinestones embedded into it, giving it that extra touch of sparkle, and the blend of gold and silver lets you gracefully mix metals with the other jewelry you're wearing.

$23 at Amazon
Apple Gold Milanese Loop

Classic Apple style: Apple Gold Milanese Loop

We love Milanese Loops because they're easy to put on and adjust the size to suit your needs, and Apple's is one of the best options available. The Gold Milanese Loop will go perfectly with your Gold Apple Watch. Rest assured, the magnet will not snag on clothing like other cheaper brands do. You could also get it in Space Gray for a nice contrast option.

JUUK Qrono

Beatiful design: JUUK Qrono Brun

You're going to love this matte brown Qrono band that's made of 6000 series hard anodized aluminum. It works with the 42mm and 44mm Apple Watch, all versions.

$139 at JUUK
Libra Gemini Apple Watch Stainless Steel Gold Band

Heavy metal: Libra Gemini Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

This gold metal link bracelet adds both gravitas and elegance to your look. Make your Apple Watch look more like an expensive watch than a health and fitness tracker.

$18 at Amazon
WFEAGL Leather band

Tapered look: WFEAGL Leather Band

The leather band tapers away from the Apple Watch face, giving it a more slender and delicate look. Choose from lots of different colors, some of which have Gold hardware to match your Apple Watch.

$17 at Amazon
Clockwork Synergy Croco Leather Band

Crocodile look: Clockwork Synergy Croco Leather Band

Get a classic crocodile leather look with this classy premium calf leather band. With all Clockwork Synergy bands, you choose your buckle and adapter color, and gold is one of your options. You can choose either size as well.

$25 at Clockwork Synergy

If we're making some recommendations

It's a bit harder to find the best gold Apple Watch bands out there, but we think these are some pretty good options worth considering. Our personal favorite is the Nomad Modern Strap with Gold Hardware because Nomad's Horween leather is top-notch and ages fantastically with the patina. While it starts a pale tan shade as seen in the photo, it will begin to darken immediately into a rich brown. This isn't a cheap band, but it looks incredible and stands out in the best way.

If you want something that looks even more classy and don't mind splurging a bit, then we also recommend the Apple Milanese Loop. The official Apple one is high quality. The magnet does not snag on your long sleeves, which seems to be a characteristic of the market's cheaper alternatives. While the Gold option matches nicely with the Gold Apple Watch, we like the Space Gray Milanese Loop, too, as it provides an excellent, stark contrast with the gold casing. The Milanese Loop look is often copied because it's fantastic. The elegant style elevates your wardrobe and works with anything from athleisure wear to black-tie formal. Though its metal, the mesh makes it breathable, lightweight, and ultra-comfortable.

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