Wearlizer Rhinestone X-Link Apple Watch Band review: Elegant jewelry

Wearlizer Rhinestone X-Link Apple Watch Band
(Image: © Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

iMore Verdict

Bottom line: Turn your health and fitness tracker into a charming jewelry piece.


  • +

    Elegant and sparkly

  • +

    Easy to adjust for size without tools

  • +

    Excellent quality

  • +

    Fits all Apple Watch models

  • +

    Six color options


  • -

    A little bit loose on my wrist

  • -

    Not to everyone's taste

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This pretty rhinestone-enhanced Apple Watch bangle bracelet looks more like jewelry on your wrist than a health and fitness band.

Sparkle style

Wearlizer Rhinestone X-Link Apple Watch Band

Wearlizer Rhinestone X-Link Apple Watch Band (Image credit: iMore)

Granted, this Apple Watch band won't be to everyone's taste, but it's exactly the sort of band I love. Rather than looking like just another Apple Watch band, it looks like jewelry. Accented with rhinestones, the sides are gently curved X shapes. The underside of the band consists of links, which can easily be removed or added to adjust for size. The mechanism of these links is exactly like my old Movado watch, so it was easy for me to clasp and unclasp them; muscle memory kicked right in. These removable links allow for a huge size range, so I'd imagine this band can fit just about any wrist. Wearlizer lists the wrist size range as 5.5 to 8.67 inches around (140 to 220 millimeters.)

One thing to note about sizing; the links are pretty big so you may fall in between sizes. This is the case for me somewhat; the band does fit me rather loosely, like a bangle bracelet. It's not so large that it locks up, so the Apple Watch is still in continuous contact with my wrist. But I do find myself adjusting it occasionally throughout the day, which is slightly annoying. I tried taking out one more link, but then it was way too small.

Elevate your Apple Watch style with graceful curves and a touch of bling.

The Wearlizer Rhinestone X-Link Apple Watch Band is constructed from metal and feels solid to the touch, but is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It never pinches. The adapters are great quality, they slide on and off the Watch smoothly but lock securely in place.

I wear this band with casual jeans outfits as well as with dressier outfits. It can be dressed up or down and looks appropriate at the office, a cocktail party, or running errands. It does have that rhinestone bling but it's subtle enough to keep it classy.

The Wearlizer Rhinestone X-Link Apple Watch Band is suitable for any generation of Apple Watch, and is available in both the smaller 38/40mm and larger 42/44mm sizes. There are a half dozen colors available, in line with the colors of the Apple Watches. Some of them are two-toned like mine and some are solid metal colors. Each one is a mix of matte and shiny metal, so the band goes beautifully with either the stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium models.


I flat out love this band. It's exactly my style, with its graceful curving style, two-tone color, and touch of sparkle. I'd be comfortable wearing it anywhere as it goes with and enhances every outfit I own. Though the price is quite reasonable, this is a high-quality metal band. The adaptors function perfectly. The band feels solid while remaining lightweight and comfortable to wear. Many link-style bracelet bands require tools to adjust the fit; this one can be easily adjusted by hand.

Wearlizer Rhinestone X-Link Apple Watch Band

Wearlizer Rhinestone X-Link Apple Watch Band (Image credit: iMore)

Sizing imperfect

It's probably inevitable with this kind of band, but because the links are fairly large, it's hard to get a precise fit. Though I cannot take out any more links and still get it on, I find the fit to be slightly loose. It's not loose enough for the Apple Watch to lock up while I'm wearing it, but it does twist around my wrist a little bit. Sometimes I have to move it around my wrist throughout the day.

Chic and stylish

This is the perfect band for someone craving a fashionable, graceful upgrade to the Apple Watch. High-quality adaptors, metal, and finish belie its reasonable price point. A smattering of tiny rhinestones adds bling while maintaining sophistication. The links are easily removable to adjust for fit on a large range of wrist sizes without using any tools. However, you may find yourself somewhat between sizes since each link is pretty big. You can get one of these bands for any model Apple Watch. There are both solid colors and two-tone color options available.

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