With new styles every season and thousands of third-party band sellers in the Apple Watch ecosystem, you have a ton of options and choices when it comes to picking out an Apple Watch band that suits your style and personality.

We've done a ton of research on Apple Watch bands from the company and third-party sellers alike to find you the best quality Apple Watch bands along with great deals on Apple-like bands. Can't afford a $500 Hermes band, or want a style that doesn't come in your size? Amazon has a ton of similar options that look almost as nice.

What you need to know about Apple Watch bands

Every Spring and Fall (and sometimes early summer!), Apple releases new watch bands for the Apple Watch. Watch band collectors like myself and Rene get pretty excited whenever Apple gives us more colors. (Plus, retired colors become collector's items.) Here's everything you need to know about bands available for your Apple Watch!

Which Apple Watch band should you get?

Bands, nylon, Nike, loops, buckles, or link bracelets — the Apple Watch collection offers a wide range of straps for you to choose from. It gives you a lot of choice — but it also means you might have a harder time making that choice. There are bands for active lifestyles, for casual comfort, and for elegant occasions. There are bands with pins, with magnetic fasteners, and with traditional buckles. There are bands with earth tones and made of metal. There are... a lot of bands! If you're having trouble deciding, here's some help!

How to swap and organize Apple Watch bands

The Apple Watch is as much about style as it is about tech. Choosing your case (rose gold aluminum, space black stainless steel, etc.), choosing your size, and choosing your bands are all ways to make your Apple Watch uniquely you. More than just being uniquely you, thanks to Apple's band-swapping technology your Watch can adapt to match the occasion!

You can wear a black leather loop out to brunch, swap in a Nike+ band for a trip to the gym, and rock a comfortable nylon band as you rush to catch a flight.

Here's how to swap out your Watch band, our favorite ways of organizing our band collections, and how to re-size the link bracelet!

Our favorite bands

Our smartwatches are more than just an accessory: It's a way to keep us connected to the real world while choosing which notifications we actually need to see.

Just the same, you need to accessorize it like you would any watch — and nothing makes a writer feel more stylish than a sweet Apple Watch band. Here are some of our favorites.

Best bands for your Apple Watch case

Rocking a gold, space grey, steel, or ceramic casing? We've got the best bands that match up with your various casings.

How to get Apple Watch bands for less

In love with their Apple Watch — but don't have the cash to drop on 20 bands at $50 - $500 a piece? We feel you. Those new Sport bands and Classic Buckle styles are beautiful, but they can get pricey, fast. Thankfully, there are lots of great third-party options that look similar at a fraction of the price.

How to Get the New Apple Watch Band Colors for Less!

Workout bands

Leather bands

Metal bands

Your favorite bands?

Do you have a favorite third-party band we haven't mentioned here? Let us know what the best third party bands for Apple Watch are in our forums or below!

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