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Batting gloves are part of the tools you need in your batting arsenal. They provide traction for the grip and absorb the bat vibration if you miss the sweet spot. More than that, a well-fitting pair of gloves offer a better grip for a richer experience and a sweeter swing. There are so many varieties of gloves that it can be a nightmare to select a pair, and that is why we have done the background checks for you. In the following list, we have identified some of the best batting gloves available so you can determine a pair to your liking.

Demarini batting gloves

Light and flexible: DeMarini Men's Phantom Batting Gloves

Staff Pick

You may forget you're wearing the DeMarini Phantom's because they are so light. The palm is made from sheepskin leather providing exceptional comfort and a no-slip grip while the back is a classic feel with a 4-way stretch diamond mesh. This is not just one of the most comfortable glove in the game; it also provides excellent protection from the hit vibration with padding for the fingers and heel. A low profile velcro strap just below the wrist allows the glove to hold firmly onto your hand without restricting wrist movement. These gloves give you all the support you need and feel so comfortable too.

$28 at Amazon
Nike Huarache batting glove

premium elite glove: Nike Adult Huarache Elite Batting Gloves 2018

The Nike Huarache Elite Batting glove comes with a smooth single-piece sheep leather palm with perforations on the fingers. It is a very breathable design as the perforations are also on the back of the glove. This also makes the glove very flexible, so it feels balanced and provides the best comfort and control. The velcro strap wraps tightly around the wrist to lock-in the hand for the bat. A neoprene band inside also reduces the risk of chafing. Available in many colors, the Nike Huarache Elite Gloves are very popular with professional players.

$69 at Amazon
Marucci Signature batting gloves

Always a favorite choice: Marucci Adult Signature Baseball Batting Gloves

These gloves are big-league tested and approved by many players. Cabretta sheepskin palms provide maximum grip and durability, while the finger break contours decrease bunching, resulting in a smooth fit as you grip the bat. A synthetic rubber thumb layer protects it from rubbing against the bat, and a lycra wrist closure insert allows you to customize and adjust the fitting. The Marucci Adult Signature Baseball Batting Gloves come in a range of colors and men's sizes only.

$32 at Amazon
UnderArmour batting gloves

Great for protecting blisters: Under Armour Men's Clean Up V Batting Gloves

Goatskin leather palms deliver comfort without sacrificing grip or durability. The Under Armour Clean Up V Batting Gloves are sturdy enough to protect your hands in the most vulnerable areas and allow great flexibility at the same time. The palm side perforations provide good ventilation while the contoured wrist closure delivers a comfortable fit. The back of the gloves has a layer of HeatGear to help wick away any moisture without sacrificing mobility.

$35 at Amazon
FranklinCFX batting gloves

Official glove of MLB: Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Baseball Batting Gloves

The Franklin CFX is the most popular glove used by MLB professionals. These gloves are built to fit the normal curves of the hand, so they feel natural and responsive. Besides, Tectonic fit inserts allow some flex without adding bulk to the back of the gloves, and the premium leather quality ensures peak performance for years. You can see why they're the official batting gloves of the MLB.

$16 at Amazon
EastonZF7 batting glove

Best gloves for women: Easton ZF7 VRS HYPERSKIN

The Easton ZF7 Hyperskin gloves are made specifically for the female hand sizing. They have a flexible hyperskin back with reinforced silicone to give excellent protection and flexibility. A smooth goatskin leather palm also has a VRS palm pad to reduce vibration and blisters. Feel the comfort these gloves provide as you lock-in your hands with the 40-millimeter neoprene bands.

from $20 at Amazon
Mizunoladies batting glove

Also an excellent choice for women: Mizuno Finch Adult Women's Fastpitch Softball Batting Gloves

You can't go wrong by choosing the Mizuno Finch Batting gloves because they have been designed by Jennie Finch after collaboration with softball players and Mizuno. A leather palm offers premium feel and durability, and a padded Mizuno shock absorber reduces vibration leaving you with a comfortable sensation. The back has an air mesh that helps with flexibility and breathability, so enjoy the fashionable design on top of the functionality.

$20 at Amazon
UnderArmour boys batting glove

Best for boys: Under Armour Boys' Clean Up Baseball Gloves

The same technology is utilized from the adult gloves. For instance, these gloves are built with HeatGear fabric to keep the hands cool and dry. Real leather palms provide a soft feel with the same fantastic grip. All the friction areas are supplemented with synthetic overlays to provide additional support, and the elastic wrist cuffs give you that powerful locked-in feeling. An amazing pair of gloves to set you up for those inevitable home runs.

$17 at Amazon
Ruja batting gloves

With minimal design and for bigger hands: Ruja Men's Pro Leather Baseball Batting Gloves

These extra-large gloves are a little thicker than others, but you get extra protection from blisters or calluses. The leather made palm gives a sure grip while the lycra back has perforations offering extra comfort and cooling to the hand. The Ruja Batting Gloves only come in an extra-large size and black color with no splashy branding that will look good and sleek precisely as they are.

$18 at Amazon

What do you want blisters or batting gloves?

Playing baseball, or other similar sports, on a daily or weekly basis, is going to take a toll on the bare hands. That is why batting gloves are a necessary part of the equipment. Without worrying about gripping the bat, you can concentrate on hitting the ball at the sweet spot and relish the "walk" around the bases. We have saved you time by looking at a vast array of batting gloves to come up with our recommendations. As a result, the staff believes the best choice is the DeMarini Men's Phantom Batting Gloves. DeMarini has stitched a single piece of leather for the palm and the diamond mesh on the back for the snuggest fit and to keep it extremely light and comfortable. We think these gloves offer a sure no-slip grip adding to a smooth swing while the low profile wrist strap locks the hand nicely.

Another great choice is the Marucci Adult Signature Baseball Batting Gloves. Big league tested and approved, these gloves have added protection for the thumbs and also a wrist insert that you can adjust to customize the fit. They also come in a range of colors, so pick ones to match your uniform, if you like.

You can also go with the MLB choice and pick the Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Baseball Batting Gloves. Any ones that you choose will only help your game, so use our recommendations to narrow your options.

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