Best Buy offering iPhone 5c for $50

UPDATE: Looks like you can apply the card to the iPhone in-store, which makes it $49 clear. Convoluted, but cost-saving!

Best Buy is the latest to offer customers an extra incentives if they buy a new iPhone 5c - a $50 gift certificate. Sure, that's not the same as a real sale, but if you're happy returning that money to Best Buy at a later date, it reduces the on-contract price of a 16GB iPhone 5c to $49. Joanna Stern, ABC News:

Just two weeks after hitting the market, Best Buy will begin offering a discount on Apple's iPhone 5c. From today, Oct. 3, to Monday, Oct. 7, the iPhone 5c will be available for $50.

It's not the first or the best deal we've seen - Sprint did $99 off at launch - but it's certainly one of the best. If you've had your eye on the 5c, and Best Buy is your preferred retailer, get yourself over there this weekend. You won't get anywhere nearly as good - or as much - service as you would from an Apple Store, but if that's not important to you, or there isn't one nearby, you'll save yourself some money.

Anyone rushing over?

Rene Ritchie

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