Best Can Koozies iMore 2022

Spending a day at the beach, tailgating, or attending a barbecue? Chances are, you've stocked your fridge or cooler with drinks. But you don't want to carry around a drink that's quickly getting warm in your hand. With the help of a can koozie, you won't have to chug your drink to enjoy it cold. We've researched so you can find the right koozie to match your style and budget needs.

YETI Rambler Colster in River Green

Legendary coolness: YETI Rambler Colster

Staff Pick

YETI is a brand known for their ability to work in the most challenging environments -- and the Rambler doesn't disappoint. Standard 12 oz. cans and bottles are kept chilled for hours within the stainless steel construction and double-wall vacuum insulation. With over 10 colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect match.

$25 at Amazon
Koozie triple can cooler in blue

It's in the name: Koozie Triple Can Cooler

This 3-in-1 cooler works for cans and bottles and comes with a snap-on lid. Use the lid to convert your Koozie into a tumbler to take a cup of coffee or any favorite drink with you. As a bonus, the manufacturer made sure their Triple Can Cooler would fit in standard drink holders, making it perfect for road trips.

$17 at Amazon
Thermos stainless steel 12oz can koozie

Tried and true: Thermos Can Insulator

Thermos was founded in 1904, and they're still keeping things cool more than a century later. This koozie has a rubber grip, which makes it easy to hold. Inserting a can is super easy, with no extra parts to lock together. The sweat-proof design won't leave water rings and keeps your drink cold for up to three hours.

$8 at Amazon
Coleman lounger insulated stainless steel coozie

Camper's companion: Coleman Lounger

Coleman is a staple among campers with their sturdy coolers and tents, so it's a no-brainer why you'd want to try their can koozie. This model will fit standard cans, bottles, and even slim-line cans without issue. The bottom pad will keep your beverage from slipping off surfaces, while also protecting the finish of your furniture.

$13 at Amazon
RTIC 12oz can cooler in matte black

Arctic chill: RTIC 297 Cooler

The RTIC can cooler is designed to keep your 12 oz. can or bottle ice cold while you are basking in the hot sun. The stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulation, and locking gasket design make this a great choice. Easy cleaning seals the deal.

$22 at Amazon
TahoeBay poly foam can sleeves

Back to basics: TahoeBay Can Sleeves

Want something more lightweight? Look no further than these colorful poly foam sleeves. Their low price means their value can't be beaten. They fit 12 oz. cans and bottles, and they can even be customized. These are great for large parties and travel since they easily fit in your pocket or bag.

$9 at Amazon

From the top

By minimizing heat transfer from your hand, and keeping condensation at bay, these can koozies will give you time to enjoy a beverage before it gets warm (or cold). While all of the koozies get the job done, the YETI Rambler Colster does it better than the rest. It has a sturdy build with a threaded lid, which helps prevent wear on the enclosure. Add in their color selection and excellent performance, and you're sure to be happy with this one.

However, if you're looking to spend a little less, the Koozie Triple Can Cooler is also a good pick. This one comes with a lid so you can use it as a cup. Plus, it's the only double-walled model on our list that's suited explicitly for cupholders.

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